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    We are trying their steps. Have not bought the program yet just doing as newsletters and web site talks about. Main thing so far is to not give in to getting into a battle or screaming match with them. It is funny to watch him try and process what is happening when he screams and yells and we only let him know he can't be disrespectful to us and he can go into another part of the house till he can talk to us properly.
    Also he does not understand why we are not forcing him to do things. He keeps yelling at us and saying we are always making him do stuff his does not want to, shower, brush teeth, homework, put on clean clothes and so on. Well we use to make him but now we are not but now he is saying we are. But no shower, no clean clothes. So far it has not worked well but today it did. He could wear his gym clothes and not his uniform to school. Gym clothes where clean, he was not so no gym clothes. But we have check lists for everything. He knows what he needs to do and has everything there to do it. It is his option but everything has recourse. Wife is a little less stressed so that is good so far.
    It has been very trying for us and his issues are getting worse by the day.

    But anyone have experience with the "Empowering Parents" program?

    difficult child is 11.5. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) with Mood disorder, ADD, ADHA, ODD and lord only knows what else. Vyvanse is main Rx with 2 or 3 others. Sorry have not kept up with current changes in medications wife does that. Wife not Bio mom but has had him since 2 weeks old NO social skills
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    Hi SquirrelBait, I have heard of Empowering Parents, even read a little too. But I haven't tried it. Keep us informed!
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    Hi there,

    I bought the book "Transform your child" by James Lehman, who I understand developed the Empowering Parents Program. I didn't want to spend the money in case I didn't like the program. Well I was really impressed by the book (only $2 on kindle - bargin!) and we are using his solutions to the situations that are similar to what we are experiencing. We got to the point where we couldn't handle the abuse anymore and behaviour therapy wasn't working. We have adopted the checklists - outlining what is expected, when and consequence if it doesn't happen and stuck it on the fridge.

    It was REALLY hard to do and stick with, but ever so slowly my difficult child has improved. We still have our moments - every day, and it will never be perfect, but it has given me more confidence in dealing with difficult child. I think that is the real benefit. For us it got to the point that I was almost paralysed by gfc's behaviour. The book also gave me perspective - which I totally had lost. So if the program is a more detailed version of the book, then I would say keep trying. Even the author says a new rule can take 17 times to implement.

    Good luck