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    I just ran across a book I read several years ago. The title actually came to mind when I was typing the thread about keeping records over on general.

    This book is written for managers. It is called "Zapp! The Lighting of Empowerment" and truly describes how empowering people can make them work better and be happier to do it.

    It is basically about helping employees to feel some ownership of their jobs and to take responsibility.

    I read it years ago and used some of the techniques to help get my family working together, rather than just fighting over who didn't do what ('Cause there was a whole lotta nuthin goin on!).

    If we can look ato ur family as a business, with parents as thetop executives and kids as the labor pool, then maybe we can figure out how to empower our kids to do whatever they need to do.

    Anyway, the book is not a long read. Here is the full info:

    Zapp! The Lightning of Empowerment: How to Improve Productivity, Quality, and Employee Satisfaction by William Byham and Jeff Cox (Paperback - Nov 11, 1997)

    You may even be able to find it at the library or used bookstore.
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    I will look for it Sus, thank you for the positive and uplifting posts lately xo