Empty-headed teenagers!!!!

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    I know this is more typical teen stuff but after years of difficult child stuff..... I have NO desire to deal with a minute of it!

    Steph is back living at home. And she's had her last day of school yesterday. Her grad party is Sunday and graduation is Monday.

    She went out last night and sent a text at 11pm saying she was staying the night (only cuz we had a discussion on Monday about NOT telling me that she was staying out). So this morning I sent her a text to please be home at 4:30 so we could talk. I get back a "K".

    3:30 today (Steph) I have to meet my boss in 30 minutes to get paid.

    4:30 (me) Still waiting for xxxx?

    4:40 (st) She's on here way now.

    4:41 (me) see you in a few.

    5:20 (steph) Hey I'm going to a bbq tonight for my friends grad.

    5:20 (me) Are you going to stop by first so we can talk?

    5:30 (me) repeat

    5:50 (steph) I don't plan on being there for more than a few hours.

    5:50 (me) Please do hurry home. I've already put 20 hours into planning/shopping for your party and there is a lot still to do. I won't do it all alone. And next time, tell your friend that you will be late because it's important to keep your word with your mom....it's that respect thing.

    6:20 (steph) I'm turning around now, be home shortly. (turns out husband called her)

    The thing was, she didn't need to turn around. I just wanted a few minutes of her time to discuss when I would need her help. She apologized. But said, she's not used to answering to anyone, she hasn't for FIVE years....whatever. And her life is so busy and so on and so on. She's heading back to her friends party now.

    Oh and really ****** her off by saying that the only nights she could sleep over at friends house is Friday and Saturday. She works weekends and whatever...she'll figure something out.

    I don't know what it is about my house, but any time my kids move back home they became stupid, irresponsible, etc.....

    On the plus side...I'm using the one ready to say "enough" and I have to drag husband with me. Since he dealt with Ant last year, he's got his warrior Dad hat on! He says she needs to figure out how to show respect very quickly or she will either be paying rent plus expenses or she will find herself kicked out! I'm really impressed with husband......and ****** at Steph. Uhg!!!
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    This is fairly typical behavior of most adult kids when they move home.......especially at that age when maturity really hasn't taken a firm bite yet. Now with a difficult child, it might always be that way, depends on the difficult child. LOL But it's a good thing to keep in mind for when they move out and might want to come back at some point.

    Good for husband for having that Daddy warrior hat firmly in place! Woot! :)
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    Well, Miss Steph will be having the rules laid down for her after her graduation. She will either treat us with the respect we deserve and abide by our rules as a dependent, or she can pay to live here as an independent person, or she can find a different place to live.

    Don't push the buttons of a menepausing Mom!
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    ooOOOooohhhh, menopause can have it's finer points. :rofl:
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    A 19yo who thinks she hasn't had to answer to anyone for 5 years? Math major huh? doubt she has been on her own since 14yo. in my opinion this might be big part of the problem.

    I think the reason kids come home and act stupid & irresponsible is because it's home so don't have to be responsible or think and still get to eat or the lights turn on when flip the switch without them thinking about being responsible and paying the bill.

    I'm glad your husband is ready to help with the armor and all. I'm sorry your daughter kind of blew off your meeting that was for her thing. I get so aggravated when my kids treat me like an employee they can't fire. They take advantage & push my buttons till I wonder what their motivation is? do they really think I'm gonna quit and just move out? it's my home so I'm not going anywhere but if I did who do they suppose would pay for this castle? UGH just referred to this dump as a castle time to get off the computer and get some sleep. Don't let her take advantage of you if she wants a party she will help plan it, she doesn't want to help plan? give her a number for a party planner when she finds out how much they cost she will run screaming back to you. Good luck.