End of School Update and a Little Brag for difficult child...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jal, Jun 19, 2010.

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    difficult child just finished 2nd grade. He is in a therapeutic school for behaviorally and socially challenged kids. This is his second year and he is doing very well. He began mainstreaming in January of this year. He is mainstreamed in gym, lunch and recess and doing very well. As the year starts again we will now incorporate academics. I am hoping he will be moved back into district either by the mid or end of third grade as he has made a lot of progress.

    He tests at about 3.5 grade level. His report card all A's and B's. He was so proud because he got an awesome comment on his perfect attendance. He did not miss 1 day. He has only ever missed 1 day of school in Kindergarten due to me being on a business trip and husband worried he had bronchitis and taking hm to the dr.

    difficult child is so excited for summer. He has a week off, then 3 weeks of camp, 3 weeks ESY (he's missing 2 weeks for camp) another week off and then 2 more weeks of camp before school starts again. SD offered to pay for him to continue his therapeutic horseback riding, but we couldn't fit it in our schedule. Too bad as they had an end of year raffle and a boy in his class won a new pair of riding boots. They were too small for the boy and he GAVE them to difficult child!

    We attended a birthday/hs grad party last night and difficult child couldn't have done better. Played appropriately and nicely with cousins, transitioned great between activities (swimming, eating, fireworks, free play) and really was an overall joy. (Very rare at parties - too much stimulant).

    He brought home some speech schoolwork for summer (he doesn't have a major problem, just a few pronunciation problems, so the school gave us speech so we can kick it now before its as issue). He sat me down and began to work on it this am (I didn't even have to ask), but not surprising since he comes home from school everyday and whips open his backpack and does his homework with no prompting or fighting (T.G.)

    I know things will change as he gets older, but for all the BS we've gone through since he was 2, I am grateful that difficult child currently loves school, gets up every am on his own (he's only 7) and never gives school resistance AND does his homework.

    We have to be grateful for the small things. Don't get me wrong...he's not perfect, but the tunnel is no longer without light...many, many holes have been bored into it making it easier to see our way through, but its certainly not the end.

    Thank you for listening!
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    Sounds like great progress!
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    AWESOME!!! I am so happy for all of you!
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    AWESOME!!!! He sounds rather like my thank you. He may not grow out of his love for school. thank you shows no signs of it. He gets himself up and is dressed, fed and ready for school by about 7:30. He gets impatient because he cannot be at school before 8:15. He also comes home and does homework right away. This year they only had homework one day a week. We had to make sure that on Thurs we did not run any errands or do anything after school before homework was done. He would get rather upset with us if we did.

    Enjoy the summer with him!!
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    What an uplifting post to read! Glad to hear he is doing so well!!