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  1. hearts and roses

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    When my surgeon said the first month is grueling, he wasn't kidding. Immediately following the surgery, I felt pretty good...well, duh, my leg still had the nerve block and I was on strong pain killers. As the nerve block wears off and the PT begins, well now, things change a little. Your muscles spasm and ache. You feel the pain. I guess the primary goal with the PT is range of motion. Mine is at about 66-70 degrees. The immediate goal is 90 degrees' hopefully by weeks end.

    I had a bit of a falling apart at the seams moment last night. I felt so behind progress wise,like my mind and body were not cooperating. I wasin so much pain and really couldn't sit or lie down without severe cramping or muscle spasms. I wanted to swallow extra doses of my pain medications and muscle relaxers. My PT called and I ended up crying into the phone.she suggested icing my knee while the medications kickin. Did that, helped a wee bit,but I had to keep the ice packs on for a few hours to get relief. So that was last night, 6 days out from the surgery. I vowed to set the alarm to take my medications throughout the night so there is never a gap again!

    This morning, I was able shower on my own, scrub my face, wrap my leg in Saran, wash my hair, dry off, lotion, shave and get dressed without H's help! I then gimped into the kitchen, H made me a coffee and cereal, I read the paper and gimped back to my room for a liedown (my feet have been freezing!) under the heated blanket.

    The point is that yesterday was a bad day, but this morning was better. In terms of pain and discomfort, medications help, so will time and ice. The PT in the hospital said that I will have days that are great, followed by days that stink, followed by days that are okay. As the muscles become stronger and I can do more, I will feel that healing taking place on the inside and it will hurt, but ultimately, the end result should be good.

    It is frustrating for me to feel so incapable! The little things I do throughout the day or for myself and others, wow. I have to keep reminding myself that this has only been a week. My surgeon said the first month is grueling but that one day you turn a corner. I will keep you posted!
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    They let you out of the hospital. with less than 90 degrees? Here, you'd still be in hospital.
    Glad to hear things are progressing... yes, there will be some feeling of "2 steps forward, 1 step back"... but its progress. You're going through the tunnel now, and there IS light at the other end!

    Do you have a hot water bottle that you can tuck by your feet when you don't want to be in bed just to get warm?
  3. Nancy

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    I can almost feel your pain just from your description. I'm sorry you are hurting so much but I believe the surgeon when he says one day you will turn the corner.

    Keep us posted because as I feel the pain in my knees everytime I walk or just lie down at night and try to sleep, I realize I will be there one day also and it helps to know what to look forward to.

    I hope that corner comes quickly for you.

  4. buddy

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    OOOOO.... so much! Praying for a speedy recovery.
  5. exhausted

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    Hang in there and good job taking control of the pain medications. Isn't it amazing how missing a dose for a few hours ends you up in such pain? I have never been through this but did have much trauma surgery on a hand-I found the first week to be pure heck and each week after to get better. Therapy as well. They gave me hot wax treatments that were so wonderful after each PT session. Do you get any thing like this?
  6. busywend

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    Is the heating blanket on your knee OK?

    Sending lots of healing vibes and positive thoughts your way!! You will get through this and be so happy you did it - just take time to heal. Don't push it.
  7. DDD

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    Oh my goodness, H&R. I'm so sorry that you are so very uncomfortable. Just reading your post made me ache. From the bottom of my heart I sure hope that this week brings improvement with the next few weeks getting better and better. Many hugs. DDD
  8. DammitJanet

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    Oh sounds awful! I do know you do have to keep the pain medications constant. Dont let yourself chase pain. It wont work as well. Keep ahead of it.

    Let me tell you a story of me being completely stupid. Back in 2005 I had my right knee scoped. I figured I knew what to expect because I had already had my left one done and it wasnt too awfully bad. I made it through and did just fine. Well, they do the nerve blocks in there just the same as what you describe so when I came to in the recovery room I was feeling just fine and they let me go home and I felt okay. At that point I was also on oxycontin 10 mgs extended release 2 times a day for my fibro and arthritis. The surgeon gave me percocets to take for the pain from the surgery. I stopped to get the percocets filled but I thought I was superwoman and since I was feeling just fine when I got home, I figured the oxycontin would handle the pain. Oh how stupid I was! I went to bed that evening fairly early and took my night medications including my night time oxycontin and I woke up sometime about midnight and the nerve block had worn off. My knee felt like it was on fire. I couldnt catch the pain. I was up all night trying to get the percocets to kick in. It took me about 6 hours for them to finally start working and that was after I had woken up the entire house...lol. Never again.
  9. 1905

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    Wow...It sounds like things went well, and are going as expected. I'm so happy the surgery is over and it's all about the healing now. Remember when you aren't in pain not to overdo it, you 'll really feel it the next day. (HUGS)
  10. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Oh yes, keeping on top of those pain medications is VERY important early on! If you miss a dose, there's a big backslide that happens.

    I think you are doing very well, all things considered! Go easy on yourself -- I know it's frustrating, but you only set yourself up for disappointment if you set your sights unreasonably high. One day at a time...
  11. hearts and roses

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    My PT just left, she assured me I am doing well and on track. She noted various improvements since she saw me on Friday. I was at 72 degrees by the time she left. She also wants me to use my cane when I'm not tired or dizzy because it will force me to put more weight on my left leg and bend my knee. Anyway, the bottom line is that she said I'm doing wonderful for one week out! She also told me not to talk with those who've had a replacement done because everyone heals at their own pace, doctors all have their own expectations, and most people don't recall the first two weeks post surgery, lol.

    My nurse just left and also said things look great! She said the incision looks fabulous and my swelling is fairly minimal. She called my dr to get me more drugs, lol. I love her, she's my new best friend.

    So, you see? Yesterday was awful, today is better! I'm going to have lunch with H and then take a little nap since I'm not getting much solid sleep at night.

    Thanks again for the well wishes. Oh, the heating pad is only on my feet!
  12. Rabbit

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    Wishing u a speedy recovery. Hugs Rabbit
  13. Wiped Out

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    So glad pt says you are doing so well:) Praying the pain is on a downward trend. (((hugs)))
  14. Hound dog

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    Stay on top of both the pain medications and the muscle relaxers......like others said it's awful to try to chase the pain.

    To me, when I broke the shoulders, the spasms were far worse than the pain. Only no one had warned me there would be spasms........and when they hit me, OMG! I had nothing for them. Made husband call the doctor (it was call or take me to dayton to see the man!) And he made sure I got the muscle relaxants.....but then it was forever before they worked really well. Once they did, wow, it was great. When easy child broke her ankle I asked her if they gave her muscle relaxants when they sent her home. Nope, no one said anything about them. Sure enough 2 days later she is spasming all over the place and in agony and doctor had to call it in. ugh

    To you, it's going to feel like you're not making any real progress for a long time, but you are. It's just a little bit every single day. :) You'll get there.

  15. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    See? It's going better than you thought! :bigsmile:

    Hang in there. One step, one day at a time!
  16. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    I'm all alone today for the first time, I'm a little scared and lonely but, in another way, I'm enjoying the peace. The hard part will be when it's time to practice my PT. difficult child said she'd leave work and come help me so I may call her. And E is stopping in midday for the dogs, so I'll have some visitors.

    I'm so bummed my two friends who promised to help me bailed on me. Neither one called me at all, all weekend. I was relying on one of them being here with me yesterday and today, but nothing. These are my two closest friends, I'm very hurt. And my sister M in PA hasn't called or messaged me once! All the other sibs did.

    Okay, enough of the pity party.
  17. buddy

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    I am so sorry. I was just wondering yesterday if after all the holiday stuff my family is shut down and just recovering because not one text or call or anything and they know we have been struggling.

    Then, last night mom called and we are going to lunch Wed. Yipee. I have texted and messaged them often. It does smart a little.

    I hope you find accomplishment in your first day on your own. It is a big deal. Dont push past your limits though. Does PT come today?
  18. Jody

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    I so hope that you get relief soon!!! When you are totally healed what will be the thing you do first? I will go to the zoo, the fair and walk around the mall with my kids. I missed going to the fair for the last two years, and can't wait to go this year. I so wish we CD Board all lived near each other. We could have given you some physical help!!!! Hang in there. Keep us posted!!!!
  19. Lothlorien

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    Make sure you take the pain medications a little before the PT comes...it will help with the pain after the therapy is over. You will notice daily improvement. Get that netflix going and catch up on some of the shows you always wanted to watch, but never had time for. I'm watching The Tudors now. Get plenty of sleep, too. I know you like to read, so download some good books. Take the time to just get rested and feel better. Don't worry about the dishes, dust or laundry. Let husband worry about it and/or get a housekeeper to come in once a week until you can handle it.

    Sending hugs!
  20. DammitJanet

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    Oh Jo...I am so sorry about your friends. I am sure that hurts.

    I remember when I was so sick the main thing that kept me feeling so hopeful was hearing from this board. True. Because I dont have anyone in real life that would even consider coming to see me. My dad and his wife came down while I was in the rehab and stayed for about an hour and then left. They didnt come back. One hour. When I first came home I was just sitting here when Tony went back to work and I was all alone. I couldnt even type a coherent post back then. It is lonely and frustrating.