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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Running_for_the_shelter, May 10, 2011.

  1. difficult child wanted me to guess the new nickname he picked for himself. He gave me a hint -- three letters and starts with A. My, that was tempting.
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    OH WOW....


    OR is it
    Please tell, you have me intrigued.
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    I have a guess...but I suspect the board censors would erase it if I typed it.
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    My guess would be "Ace" if I feel like being nice.
  8. I guessed "Asp". [Hadn't thought of "Ace"; that really was a better choice.] No, wasn't Asp. OK, how about "Art"? No. I was told I was closer with the first guess -- I only had the third letter wrong.

    I'm figuring the deities are sending this to me as a test of some sort. Against all hope, I ventured "Ask". He thought this was very funny.

    Giving up on my ability to guess a three-letter word for him starting with AS, he told me it was "Ash". I actually managed to get him off to bed before I went into the bathroom and laughed until I cried.
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    Oh my......well it could be worse?
    My favorite cat in the world was Ash.
    Did your difficult child get the name Ash from the Pokemon series? I bet he did. There is an Ash character in there somewhere, which is why my difficult child named our cat Ash.
    It works better on a cat.:)
    At least when you are mad at him you can get tongue tied and leave off the 'h'. LOL
  10. He's very much into Pokemon these days, so I'll bet you're right. The possibilities of this nickname are endless, though -- "Get your Ash over here right now!" "Get your Ash out of bed!" His sister may try to kick his Ash -- or would that be her Ash? I am hoping that this dies quickly.