Eouw! Backpack


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Arrgh! I was helping difficult child put all his school stuff in his back pack for school tomorrow and there was this horrid smell ... he'd left half a doz lunches in there since June! OMG.
Well, I guess the kids are even now; easy child left Easter eggs (real hard boiled eggs) in her Easter basket one yr and forgot about it for a month. We couldn't figure out why her rm smelled so badly.
We also found 6 or 7 empty Coke bottles in the tall urns in the family rm. difficult child had been drinking them (he's only allowed soda pop on weekends) and then hiding the empties. I told husband he couldn't have them in the house but he thought he could control it. NOT!


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Nope. He actually took it out of the backpack on Tues., so I made him spray it with-409, then take it outside and soak it with-the hose, and hang it over the fence for 2 days. It worked!
Silly me, I never thought to figure out where the smell originated and only found the old lunch bags tonight. Sigh.

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Reminds me of the time Travis brought me home the lunch box he'd kept forgetting for weeks at school. YUK :ill: I threw the thing away. lol

Glad the 409 trick worked.



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I'm glad to read I'm not the only one who has unidentified smells where difficult children lurk. I too find empty diet coke cans hidden, under beds. They will drink half empty ones that husband has left on the half wall and for who knows how long, but they'll still drink it. EWWW!


Here we go again!
been there done that -- difficult child 1 had a couple of lunches stashed in his closet for a few months last spring. Blechhh!

difficult child 2 is notorious for leaving food in his backpack for weeks on end. I'm learning the hard way to have him empty the backpack once a week so we don't get any more surprises like that!

Life with difficult children is so interesting -- just what would I do with an average family? Hmmmm.... better not answer that one.


I too been there done that with backpack. Breakfast bars stashed in there. Also a couple books he was suppose to return. Imagine that..he doesn't take a book home all year, but decides to take them home for summer vacation.

I vote for the new backpack. Maybe we should all go with the clear see through ones! No...guess I care not to see what he shoves in there.


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Transparent backpacks? Now there's a thought!
My sister once went through airport security with-a week-old, squished peanut butter and jelly sandwich in her purse. I think the security screeners are still in therapy, LOL!
I guess I'm showing my age here, but we didn't use backpacks when I was in school. We just piled the books and notebook up in a stack and carried them on. Of course, we didn't have to have a notebook for every class like my kids have had to do every year. Sometimes I think the teachers get kickbacks from the school supply companies.

Both easy child and difficult child had scary backpacks. I'm not sure this problem is reserved for difficult children. It's really amazing the debris and discarded items that end up in there. An anthropologist in the future would have a field day with the typical school kid's backpack :smile:

OBTW the problem extends to lockers at school. I give it one more month before difficult child will start complaining about not being able to close his locker at school. You don't want to know the big jumbled mess that thing is. According to the teachers I have spoken with at his high school - this is more typical than I ever would have imagined...


Locers are awful. I would go atleast once a qtr after school and make difficult child take everything out. Then put papers in folders, throw away food and juice drinks. You would be surprised at all the missing assignments that were found. You know...the ones the teachers lost!!! Also found were pens, pencils, rulers that difficult child said someone stole.

I was amazed when speaking to most his teachers they said they have to print on the board because most of the kids do cannot read cursive. These were 7th graders!!!

I'm with you as far as no backpacks. One notebook.


We didn't carry backpacks either. It wasn't cool to do. But, we did go to our locker in between almost every class to get what we needed for the next class. I had a couple classes that were too far from my locker (and we had 7 minutes between classes...big school) so I would have to carry 2 classes worth of stuff. Wished I had a backpack then.
Each year the kids have more & more they have to carry.

But the lockers do not keep up with the times.

More & more common are the backpacks with wheels, because the backpacks can get so heavy. BUT...the lockers are not big enough to accomodate them, at least that is the case in Tink's school. They have a strict "no wheels" policy.

What I have seen a lot of this year (with the tween girls) is a large book bag, that you would wear diagonally over one shoulder. Nice alternative.

Oh, and Terry? Ewwww.