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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Mitzi Paws, May 21, 2008.

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    Hi all.Had to take difficult child to ER on Saturday because she threatened to kill herself with a knife.That was after she had earlier in the day told our older daughter that she was going to kill her.She was evaluated and found not to be a danger to herself or any of us.So we went home.Then on our way home we found out that we had accidently went to the wrong ER.There are 2 ER's within about 1 mile of each other.So, after a horrendous day of being in an ER room for 6 hours we now have the knowlegde that soon we will be getting a huge bill that won't be covered by our insurance.Some days are hard to get through.Today was one of them for me.I am flooded today with feelings of failure and guilt.Sometimes those feelings are so strong that I don't know if I will ever get past them.Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by just getting through one more day that I just want to go to bed and never get up.I am not suicidal but I understand how people get there.Maybe I'm on my way.I hate these feelings I am having.I guess that it is time to go see my counselor again.Tomorrow I have an appointment to have difficult child evaluated by someone who can change her medications around since they obviously aren't working.It is so hard to see your child go through these things and balance the side of you that has so much pity for them you can hardly breathe and the other side who just wants to scream from the frustration of dealing with all of it.Well, I must go and begin the next battle of the day-homework time.Take care all!!
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    I am really sorry they actually said your daughter isn't a threat to herself or anyone else. It boggles my mind when they do that.
    You don't list your daughter's medications, but perhaps she doesn't have ADHD and the medications are making her worse, even suicidal. I hope you can get a different evaluation for her...ADHD doesn't cause suicidal thinking or behavior. Could be more of a mood disorder or something else...
    Hope tomorrow is a better day.
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    Is there a psychiatric hospital nearby? I think if my difficult child needed ER services for his behavior, I will take him to the psychiatric hospital myself. I know the proper procedure is going throug ER, but if you call the psychiatric hospital and ask for an emergency assessment, they may give one? ER's only go by the moment - she seems fine now, we have more urgent cares to take care of, go home and call your doctor tommorrow.

    We did go directly to the psychiatric hospital last fall when difficult child was falling apart. They saw his distress and took us in immediately.
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    Hugs. Out on a limb, but maybe if you call the insurance company and explain the situation, maybe, just maybe, they'd bend a little. Prolly when devil's ice skate, but its worth a shot.

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    Adrianne, what is a psychiatric hospital?????
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    Mitzi-A psychiatric hospital is a psychiatric hospital. Have you called difficult child's psychiatrist? Maybe a planned hospitalization is needed?

    This is so true! Well said!
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    So sorry, Mitzi. You got hit with-a dbl whammy so it's understandable that you would be down. Is there any chance you CAN actually take some time off to sleep?
    Wish I could be of more help.
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    Sorry. What a frustrating situation from both the difficult child and insurance side of things. I hope difficult child is doing okay and the faux pas won't cost you too much. You'd think that since they did nothing but send her home, it wouldn't be too expensive but I guess we know better than that!