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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DS3, Sep 12, 2011.

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    So last night, difficult child was jumping up the stairs (like a bunny rabbit -so says he) and landing on each one with his knees. He came down just right and managed to put a 1-2 inch gash in his knee with one of the nails that holds the carpet in place. Thankfully, his shots were up to date, and they managed to use some sort of super glue to put it back together.

    Here's the question of the day. doctor said no running, jumping, climbing, or soccer for 10 days. I looked at him like he was crazy. How the ^&*% do you keep an ADHD, ODD four year old from running, climbing and jumping? I'll have to contact soccer and let them know he won't be there this week for practice. And I'm taking the note into school so they know.

    Basically this kid can sit and he can walk. If he rips it back open, he will definitely end up with stitches (which they were trying to avoid with the glue method first).

    My bet is that we'll end up with stitches by the end of the week. Any suggestions appreciated. I know I can get him on the computer which will help to keep him sitting down, or I could have him play a few games on the phone. Problem is, in order to wear him out, I usually let him run off the energy throughout the day. Not too mention that we didn't get home until almost midnight so we're going to add tiredness ontop of today's episodes. Going to be a long 10 days...
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    That is a really good question... Keeping a "normal" child from running and jumping is difficult enough.

    {{{{{HUGS}}}}} and good luck... I don't have any insight that doesn't involve a straitjacket & shackles, which are of course not a good suggestion!
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    Doesn't sound like the Adderrall is doing much. Adderrall can make kids MORE hyper. Do you feel that maybe this is part of the problem? I was recently told that stimulants don't help kids who are younger than six, yet they keep prescribing them in the US. Also, under six (even six is hard) the doctors don't really know what is wrong with the child as the diagnoses tend to change as the children get older and we can observe more.

    I would take him to a child psychiatrist if this were my kid. I'm assuming he is seeing a Nurse Practitioner. I like them...I see one myself...but I don't think they are qualified to take care of psychiatric or neurological problems.
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    If the no running/jumping/etc order was because of the crazy glue, I would have insisted on stitches right then and there. REALLY keeping ANY 4 y/o "still" for 10 days is NOT realistic. doctors can be so Stoooooopid sometimes.

    I had to get stitches in my hand while son was still in diapers. Dr told me I wasn't allowed to change diapers for 10 days. Ah, yeah, like that's gonna happen! You wanna call CPS now or wait 5 days?

    Do your best, but I think you'll be getting those stitches just like you said.
  5. InsaneCdn

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    Could you pick up a leg brace/splint/support of some sort, to protect the knee so he can't really bend it?
    Then, he's free to do "what he can", which is better than doing nothing?
  6. DS3

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    The doctor said not to cover it because it would help to un-do the glue.

    The adderall is working fine during the day. It's the late afternoon/evening when it wears off that he becomes so wild. And he is seeing a psychiatrist.

    I'm thinking a good distraction will help for a while, but I don't know if 10 days of it is really do-able. We shall see. We see his therapist on Wednesday, perhaps she will be able to give us some ideas. I like the idea of a splint or something, but the question is, would he be able to keep it on? I don't think he would. He picks at band aids as it is. Something bigger would probably irritate him more. I'll do some digging and see what I can come up with. Perhaps some sort of open brace would work. Hmm...
  7. DS3

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    So the conclusion is that we shall see what happens. Since they don't carry any child knee braces/supports in the area. I am half wondering if an ace bandage would serve the purpose.
  8. InsaneCdn

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    Anything is better than nothing - as long as it doesn't interfere with healing.

    It actually provides two levels of support... (no matter which support you use)
    1) actually protecting the damaged area
    2) a visual proof that he needs to slow down - kids especially, but also teachers, respond better to something they can see
  9. HaoZi

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    You should be able to find some type of knee brace at Wal-Mart, sporting goods store, or medical supply place. If there's nothing small enough then by all means try an ACE bandage, just keep a close eye on how tight it is.

    ETA: Heck, get some soccer shin guards and just attach it higher up so he can't bend the knee.
  10. DS3

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    I have shin guards, and for his age/size, they actually loop around the bottom of the foot. So no go for moving that up higher. That, and it's not suppose to be covered otherwise the glue may stick and come off (despite it being dried). I noticed tonight part of the glue is already off. So I think I'm just going to prep for stitches. We shall see if it stays closed or not.
  11. HaoZi

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    You should be able to move the loop so it can slide up higher, then put the covering part behind his knee. Or if you're willing to destroy one for it, cut through the loop. I know the shin guards I had I could move the loop and slide higher (because me being me I always had to fuss with my socks).
  12. InsaneCdn

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    Just wondering how its going with that leg...
  13. seriously

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    Only response I could think of was sedatives.....for everyone involved?
  14. DS3

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    LOL on the sedatives. I think that maybe that is the best suggestion I've heard! Sorry, it brightened my day. I can't really drug them. Just the fact that it WOULD work!

    The leg is coming along. He keeps picking at the outer glue on this leg. The inside is still sealed. He hasn't been able to run around too much because of our schedule. The next few days are pretty free, so we shall see what happens. But it's looking good. Thanks for asking. :)
  15. DS3

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    SO just an update: It did end up coming open. It wasn't bleeding so I just put a bandaid on it to keep it clean and to keep him from picking at it some more. He's definitely going to have a scar, but it is healing. Going to soccer practice tonight, so we shall see what happens.