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    I have no idea if any of you of this program or if it used locally where you live but I noticed it while shopping at my local Piggly Wigglytoday and came home to peruse the internet for more information.

    I am loath to contribute to my local schools at the moment since they left quite the bitter taste in my mouth but these little cards which look just like value saver or MVP cards, claim that they are community cards and offer up to 3% back to "school or group of your choice" and they give you a nice website to go look at.

    Nice of

    I was able to find a Fibromyalgia Awareness Group, the Arthritis Foundation and NAMI...lmao. Not exactly my local schools. Not that they will be getting rich off my shopping proceeds but it will be a little pittance.

    Anyone can check out and see if they can find a way to join up so that they can do this to. Im sure some of you have merchants who honor these little cards.