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    mstang67chic Going Green this parade anywhere near you? It sounds really interesting!
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    That is so cool. I was going to PM Esther and ask her if she was at the parade in Jerusalem that was held recently (? according to our television) that was a celebration of the Jewish faith by an international crowd)

    What I saw on tv were people from the US, Mexico, Canada - everywhere supporting Jewish faith people. To me it's just so odd that the people were crying because they couldn't believe so many people who were (as they said) "non-Jew" would come to support them. It was a beautiful parade really, and I saw people from New York, Alabama - really moving.

    When they interviewed people they asked them if they had any idea that this many people would come from all over the world to support them and the answer every time was "No." (with smiles or tears) - Just amazing.

    I kept thinking - "Was one of them Esther or her beautiful daughters?"
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    mstang67chic Going Green

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    Yes, I read about that Arabic inscription being found, in today's paper. I always read anything about archeology, I find it so fascinating. Yes, it is "sort of" near me. I live about five kilometers away from the Old City of Jerusalem where this insciption was found. This inscription is about one thousand years old. They keep on finding stuff from 2,000 years ago and more, and more and more details about life in ancient times is revealed. And there is stuff all over the country like that. I just don't have time to do the trips, but I ought to go on day trips to archeological sites in places like Tiberias, Caesarea, Beisan, etc.

    It is so heartwarming that you thought of me, both of you. The parade that you Star are talking about takes place in the autumn, during our feast of Tabernacles, when Christians from all over the world come here to take part in the annual parade. They bring little flags from their countries and give them to our kids who collect them from all the countries. It is very moving, and a lot of the dancing visitors are overcome. Jerusalem does that to a lot of people, it truly is a beautiful city, so beautiful that it makes you catch your breath. They say that the quality of light is very exceptional here, I don't know why, and the sun reflects off the stone buildings and off the mountains, and makes it special.

    But there is going to be something even more special here in Jerusalem -- I was considering posting about it. Apparently they are going to establish the largest center for research in to autism in the whole world, here in Jerusalem. I read that in today's paper too. It will be ready in two years time. It will be on the campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, on Mount Scopus. When I hear more details about it, I will let you know.

    OK, that's it now.

    Love, Esther