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    This is one of my favorites -

    it's not my Absolute favorite -but everytime I put THAT out - everyone goes "OH that phantom of the opera song" lol - That is my Absolute favorite song in the world...

    But this should get you going......DO NOT EVER stop listening to Classical (pretend this is me on the Mandolin) hahah cause Goodness knows I do.....except for the man hands - haha

  2. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Um.......the mandolin? I'm playing harmony behind that wall....hahah. Ahem. Hope you like Vivaldi! I wanted to be modest while they filmed this in the foyer of the D.A. Ranch. See the STARs in the ceiling? I had those put there special! sighhhhhh..... (snort)

    Where ever this is - the acoustics are phenom!
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Well - I thought "why not share" this song is NOT for everyone. My Mom hates classical music..and so does DF. I'm so alone in my own little world, but this song was one of the first I ever taught myself on the organ when I sold for Yamaha and the guy that I worked for was the music director at one of the largest Catholic Churches in town and could actually play this on the pipe organ and did when he had the place to himself. Old George was a raging alcoholic, but one of the nicest and best friends I ever had. He was the guy who turned me on to Classical - and taught me about real music - the first time I heard this in the church it literally made me cry. I could NOT believe a deaf man wrote this - but thinking about how much the vibrations must have been felt from the pipes? I still love it today and it's my favorite. I've never seen Phantom - but I'm sure it's good. Anyway - like it or not - This guy on the video - plays this entire song from memory. PHENOMINAL organist and phenominal pipe organ.
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    Star, you are so kind to think of me. Thank you. I listened (watched) both of these youtubes you posted. Both of them are wonderful. You caught me at a good time. We have just been away for Friday night and Saturday at one of our daughters, and came home to a clean and empty home, and I have no work to do this evening, so I just had time to sit back and listen. Thank you, both wonderful.

    I've never before seen a huge pipe organ from close up. It was fascinating. I laughed when I saw his feet "dancing" playing. I didn't know there were more deep notes to be played by foot. It was fascinating seeing that other guy pushing in stops and pulling them out. What an enormous and complicated instrument! And the playing -- well I'm speechless.

    Thank you so much Star.

    Love, Esther
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    Whoa, Star!!! Thank you for posting that!!! Bach fanatic here! That's one of my favorites too, not my number one but definately in my top ten! I ride through town blasting that stuff on my CD player, just one more reason why they think I'm weird around here! I love almost all classical music but especially Bach - so unbelievably intricate and you get all caught up in it. I have at least twenty CD's that are nothing but Bach pieces. I think I got in to classical music because they played things like that in the very old Lutheran church I went to as a kid. They had a huge old pipe organ and many of the hymns in the Lutheran hymn book are Bach pieces.

    Actually, "Phantom of the Opera" is NOT technically an opera, it's an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical that is set in an opera house but the music is some of the best I've ever heard! See if you can find the CD of the original Broadway cast production that has Sarah Brightman in it. You will absolutely love it and her voice will give you chills! Andrew Lloyd Webber was married to Sarah Brightman when he wrote it with her voice in mind. The combination of his music and her voice is just magical - if that doesn't make you tear up, nothing will!
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    Add me to the classical music fans. Sadly I drive such a short distance to and from work that I don't get to enjoy the music in the car unless I travel. I miss it. DDD