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The part I liked best was the reminder to mind our own business. That caution has to do with not letting them hurt us inside, in the way we think about them or about what was lost, as much as it has to do with not seeking knowledge of them in the usual, outside the heart ways.

It would be a similar thing to SWOT's writing that we don't get to cheat.

Or to the suffering in the eyes of the Mary. You know what you know and find there a kind of generous assurance, a kind of gentle acceptance; a fluid, imperturbable kind of faith.

Like the moon reflecting in flowing water.

A flexible, fluid thing.



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I love this article! Thanks SWOT. Every numbered item she listed is a tool we can use in our lives, whether we are "officially" estranged from someone or not. These are tools to use to create healthy boundaries and be peaceful, calm and serene, regardless of what other people choose to do.

Love how she wrote this.