Eureka!! An actual funny story

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    (okay, may not be funny to all of you but certainly a positive post)

    Tiny bit of background so the story makes sense:

    We are very rural, live outside of a village of 370. That makes good medical care for difficult child a nightmare to find. Have to drive an hour each way to psychiatrist.

    difficult child takes a bus to school. It's a medium sized bus, not a full sized or short bus. It's just like the movie Napolean Dynamite where the ages are mixed from K - 12th. All the kids ride in one bus even if special needs.

    Have been trying to get difficult child to be more responsible for medications since he isn't far from 18. He does take them without complaining but he is very forgetful and spazzy about it.

    Perfect example:

    me: Did you take your pills?
    difficult child: I think so, I can't remember.
    me: I'm pretty sure you did because I thought I saw you take them after
    difficult child: Yeah that sounds right
    me: Mmm' kay, then why are todays am pills still in the box?
    difficult child: I don't know.
    me: Did you accidentally take pm instead?
    difficult child: Maybe. I could have sworn I took morning ones.
    me: Did you take them from another days slot then.
    difficult child: I can't remember, maybe I forgot to take them. get the idea

    Today he just plain ole forgot his medications. The only natural consequence to his mistake would be us getting his attitude all night if I let him miss the am medications so no can do! :faint:

    His bus goes in a loop up our road. He can get on at 7:05 when it comes in or 7:20 when it goes back out and heads to town. (10 miles away) He takes the early bus to see his friends longer. I called his cell phone to try and catch him before he got on. It was too late. I was livid because it meant that he had to get off the bus on it's way out for his medications and I would have to load up the baby in snow flurries to drive him to town. I told him to have the driver leave him at the bus stop, about 1/4 mile away and across a hayfield. (I'm not a mean Mom, I can see the stop from my front porch)

    Well, I get the feeling it's getting late and he didn't ask the driver. Lo and behold,:surprise: what do I see?

    The school bus pulling in the driveway!

    We have a U shaped drive that circles husband's grandparents house, a couple barns and comes out again by our house. The bus let difficult child out at grands mailbox, cirlced around back while difficult child raced across the front yards up to our side door. Meanwhile husband raced to get the medications to the side door. difficult child ran up, gobbled his pills (swallowing without water is a skill afterall) and turned around to run off. The bus made it's way around to our side of the driveway without slowing down, stopped for difficult child to get back on by our mailbox and was back on it's way down the road without ever missing a beat.

    I guess you had to be there but it was the funniest bus/medication taking relay caper I could ever imagine.

    Not sure what difficult child actually said to bus driver since so much can get lost in translation or embellished on. The school may sometimes be a pain to work with but we have a world class bus driver. ;)

    Just this once being rural helped with difficult child's medications, lol. :laugh:
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    Yes, this IS funny! It sounds like a scene from a movie--you just need to add the circus music...
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    I grew up in the boonies myself and can soooooooooo see that happening!
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    Oh, yes, I can picture this. I had a similar bus run, only I was at the end of the loop and not partway along. The bus also wouldn't pick kids up on the way out to the loop. As it was, I was on the bus for 40 minutes before we got to school. Really, I could have walked there in about the same time!

    That bus driver sounds like a gem - he'll be dining out o tis one, I bet he was having fun timing it well.