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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by PollyParent, Oct 29, 2007.

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    Why is it when there's a professional observing my child during the school day he has the best day ever?


    We're being screened for integrated mental health services provided by the county. (AB 3632 provision) I went to a screening appointment on Wednesday, and the counselor felt quite strongly, based on his documentation and on our interview, that my son would qualify for services. The services could be provided during the school day at school and psychiatric and psychological and behavioral therapies could be integrated into his IEP and lesson plans. Excellent! Yay! No more fighting between the private psychologist and the HMO psychiatrist.

    So she comes to school today to observe my son, not telling him she's there, but just sitting in the hallway watching through the window into the classroom.

    I just got a phone call. He's on perfect behavior, has done more work today in class than he's done so far this year.

    Should I just employ someone with a clipboard to sit outside his classroom all day? Would THAT work?

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    Isn't that just so typical..... Just like my car not making a noise it made everyday at all times when I took it to the mechanic. ....

    I'd first ask that another day or two be scheduled.