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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Mandy, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Mandy

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    I am writing the letter to request services to my difficult child's school before he enters kindergarten in the fall.

    Do I list his diagnosis through my private evalution in the letter??
  2. dadside

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    I'd include the diagnosis, partly to help the school with what to look for, but also to provide a basis for an IEP, as one prerequisite is at least one of certain specified conditions. You should also include the areas where you believe your son needs special help but phrase your letter in a way that those are not all possible areas.

    The school first will have to evaluate him, then schedule an IEP meeting to determine eligibility, then proceed to developing the IEP itself. Before they can do any of that, they will need your written permission for their evaluation, so I'd suggest clearly including that in your letter. And, address the letter to the principal and/or director of special education. Some advise sending it certified mail, but I follow the advice to hand deliver the letter(s), making notes of when and to whom it was delivered -- not obvious that you may be building a paper trail that could be important later.

    Finally, timelines vary by state, with most allowing at least 60 days to evaluate and meet. That time line starts when they have the request and the permission to evaluate (as well as availibility of your son for the evaluation).
  3. Mandy

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    Thanks so much for responding! I did include his diagnosis but wanted to make sure:D
  4. Sheila

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    Be sure and send the letter via Certified Mail. It starts the clock ticking and is your proof the school district received your parent referral for evaluation.