ever have an MRI?


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I had one today. bad leg and we are trying to find out why.
scarey. esp for a claustrophobic like me. I was proud that I made it thru. it really only took a half hour and I was only in the machine up to the chest area. I felt sad for those who must go thru the whole machine.

it sounds very loud, like a jackhammer at times, then buzzing, humming. you have to hold still. the technician was very nice.

they do have a soft squeezer you hold in your hand and if you squeeze they will come a running. it doesnt hurt at all but I do not want another one. lol
My mom is claustrophobic too, and needs to be sedated in order to get an MRI or she has panic attacks. We've been told by the techs that it is pretty common for someone to be claustrophobic, and that even people who do not have a problem with closed in places often have a problem with the sounds the MRI makes.

I agree! The MRI machine always sounds like it is breaking. C-T scans are much nicer.


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they had an open MRI but I let them put me in the closed one because my head could stick out anyway.

I have moderate degenerative joint disease in my knee and am on medications, but the pain is all thru the leg and the other one now too. muscle cramps in upper and lower both legs, numb little toe, elec shock from knee to big toe one leg. ugh.


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My mom had one done and bless her, she tried to do it but couldn't stay in the tube. They wound up sending her to a place that had the open MRI machine and she told the lady there that they should all be like that. She didn't know how anyone could stand being in the bleeping tin tube. You may want to consider that for any future MRI's even though your head still sticks out. Mom said that they had candles (I think) and a choice of music to listen to that would help you relax. She said that even though she's never been to a spa, she almost felt as if she was at one.


Everyone in my family have MRI's. Myself, difficult child, and easy child have them done annually due to severe headaches. Always told it is hereditary, but they need to be sure nothing changes. For a very long time (started when I was pregnant with difficult child) I had to know I could get out. I had to know where the restroom was and how to get there. I couldn't even go to the mall without finding a restroom and staying near. Sporting events like baseball games or movies, I had to have an aisle seat so I could get out. (I was terribly sick for the entire pregnancy, which put me into panic mode when I was trapped) Only it didn't go away after the birth. I had an MRI at that time. The lady gave me the squeezy thing and she stayed with me in between each portion. Holding my hand....Yeah, then they say "stay very still and don't blink". As they are banging pots and pans with drum sticks in your ears.

did you have it with contrast? difficult child's last one was with contrast and we were their about 4 hours and I had to leave for work so husband stayed. They tried to give him valuim, but he was hyperventalating and we were told that wouldn't work unless he calmed down. He was really out of control. He would go into the room, but then come out because he is so deathly afraid of needles. He was afraid they might use a dirty one.

He did enjoy the films. Cut out all the brain pictures and taped them up on his window somehow. Also on his ceiliing light.

husband has them for his knee. And of course each time he has it he never takes his wallet out of his pocket, so everything with a strip on it no longer works. I swear he lets things break, knowing things will break and has no intention of ever fixing it.
House will soon fall down!! I fix everything. Proud of myself. Fixing windows and such. Next will be replacing the leaky faucets. Then I plan on replacing the bathroom floor. And toilet seal. Ooops, off subject. Sorry.


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I have only been able to do the open MRIs. I was supposed to have one done of my thoracic spine. They put this metal cage thingy around my face and neck and started to back me in. I didn't even get my forhead in and I started to freak out. If My head could have been out, I would have been fine, but I was going in head first.


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I saw the head cage. it was something I was glad to not have to wear. I did not have contrast or any shots.

they made me lock my purse in a locker and they have a checklist for wallets, jewelry and stuff so you know to remove them.


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I had 3 within the last year. I had the head cage and went in face first on all 3. The 2nd one was the worst as the tech never spoke to me the entire time. I think I passed out due to the anxiety of never knowing when the tests were starting and stopping. I never moved a muscle - and I had an itch! I complained and the 3rd time I was treated like a VIP.

Other than that one tech - no problems for me. And they never found what the problem was. I had tingling down both legs whenever I looked down. It did go away.


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I have had two both for my ear (I do not have an ear canal and my ear is deformed). I am not claustrophobic but I have to admit, it really started to get to me after about 10 mins. The noise was the most difficult part. I spent the entire time singing nursery songs to keep me sane! I had to go in head first up to my chest in the closed one.


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Nope nope nope!

Even this discussion is getting to me...lol.

I am so claustrophobic its not funny. I cant even do the open MRI. I did ok on the knee one on the open MRI so I thought I had my fear whipped but then I went to have the head and spine done on an open one and they put my head in the cage and I was done for. I made them let me off that table so fast that I think I had springs under my buttocks! I left and told them there was nothing that machine could show that I cared to find out!!!

They can do surgery for all I care...least they will knock me out first.
Wow, claustrophobia is really something. I could not imagine.

And trust me, I am not picking on anyone.

I have an irrational fear of onions in my food.


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BBK! Onions! I hated them myself up until about a year ago. I refused to eat anything that was even near an onion.
I never thought of it as an irrational fear - it was completely rational to me! LOL!

Now, I love them. I even cook them myself and difficult child eats them, too. 'Cause you know, she hated onions, too - of course! :smirk:


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I never thought I was claustrophobic... until they tried to do the MRI. I ended up with Valium even for an open one, and hubby sat next to me and held my hand, too. I think I just don't get along with the big machines. I suggested sedation, but they don't seem to get that around here- at least not the two places I went.

Of course, since I thought it was the medications that helped, hubby got all bent out of joint. IF I ever need another one, I am going to get more than just a tiny amount of Valium- and I'll leave hubby at home!

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The first and only time I had to take Valium was for an MRI. Even so I was still a bit nervous. I am not majorly claustrophobic but there are times when I get nervous about enclosed spaces.


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LOL...they suggested I take a 10 mg valium for the MRI and I laughed at them. I told them I already took both ativan and klonopin daily at that time and I didnt think one measly valium was going to help me. Now if they wanted to hook up the IV and start a Versed drip we may be able to talk!

The only way I am getting into a MRI machine is totally knocked out before I ever enter the room to even see the machine. Better yet, dont even tell me I am having one!

Its bad enough to get me to have a CT scan. I have to be talked to constantly through the whole test. I jabber like a monkey on speed!


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Call them back and demand , they can give you lots!!!! You are in contol, they IV little kids, and they can medicate you as you need to be. Don't worry- be adamant! Speak kindly and say this to the person in charge, not the one giving the test, the Dr in charge of the whole place!! Did you ever have a colonoscopy, where they give you some IV valium, and you don't know anything. (ask for that)-Good Luck, Alyssa


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You guys are freaking me out!! Head cages???? :faint: Nope, not gonna happen!

I had an open MRI last year because of my back, feet first thank goodness! The lady offered to play music (even offered to play one of my CDs) but I could just see me forgetting what I was doing and starting to tap my toe or something and having to redo the whole darn scan. I'm pretty sure Pearl Jam and MRIs don't mix, LOL. I just sat there and did Lamaze breathing, listening to those infernal clickclickclicks.

When the lady went to inject contrast, I just about flipped. I don't mind needle sticks but the thought of something being injected into me??? Shudder. I'm sure she thought I was a total nut case because I wanted to know what it was, how much, how many times she'd seen someone have an adverse reaction, what the reaction was, where the nearest fire station/ambulance was, what their usual ETA is to the MRI center (already knew the hospital was 4 minutes away, LOL), etc., etc., etc.

I did get a parting gift on my way out - she gave me a box of Godiva chocolates! :smile: