Ever heard of the core psychology website? And ODD medication ?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by cassiemoun, Apr 4, 2011.

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    We have our son currently on Intuniv 3mg and he has just now started Zoloft - we are 4 days in on that. I feel uneasy about adding antidepressants but we're desperate to find something to help until his appointment. at UCLA in June.
    He had been on Prozac and the Intuniv last month, but I read on the Core psychology website that it was not good to combine them.

    And I also wanted to ask about the Core Psychology site.....
    I also wondered if anyone had used that doctors services...seems like an entirely different approach to mental health assessment. But I am uneasy with new things, many are just snake oil.

  2. Steely

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    I have not used this website -
    It really depends on what diagnosis your son has.
    If he has any sort of mood instability than Zoloft could make things worse. You will just have to keep a close watch on him, and d/c the medication asap if you see any signs of violence or suicidal tendencies.
    If you are wanting him " more calm" because of his ADHD and ODD this is not the medication to use. This is for ADULTS with depression.
    I would recommend getting a more thorough diagnosis, as in testing, before you continue to have the Dr throw drugs at him.
    For now, just keep a close watch on him.
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    My daughter was severe ODD and we saw soooo much of a difference when she was taking prozac regularly. She was actually a nice, pleasant person when she took her medications. Without, ugh. It really was night and day.
    I agree with testing and getting a definitive diagnosis. While prozac made all the difference in the world with MY child, it may not be right for yours...