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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jody, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Jody

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    I watched a rerun on Everybody loves Raymond last night. I don't have cable so I watch what comes on. I love this show. Last night was the funniest one ever. Has anyone seen it? It is Robert is at his girlfriend's house for Thanksgiving and the whole family is there. Her family is really from the country and a bird flies into the window, not killing it but hurting it. Frank (Ray and Robert's father) is appalled and cannot believe that the mother of the girlfriend strangles the bird to death to put it out of it's misery. It was the funniest show ever. I find that laughing is the best stress relief there is. I haven't done it in so long. I am starting to do things that I haven't done in so long. I laughed so hard for a half and hour it was ridiculous. My golden retriever didn't know what was going on. Then he gave me that golden doggy smile. You have got to watch this 1/2 hour show, I guarantee you will laugh. It doesn't matter if you are depressed, this is the funniest thing I have seen. I hope to find this at the store or something, because when I am upset or sad, I would love to put this episode in my dvd player. Does anyone else have a favorite episode of a sitcom that you want to share. I think we could all use some laughter in each day, it made me feel better.
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    I have LOL at many an episode of Everybody loves Raymond. It is one funny show... the parents are hilarious !!!
  3. Jody

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    Yes, I love them both, they are hilarious. I never watched this show before when it was on, but love it now. This one I was watching was live, when it was made, because you hear the audience laughing. I couldn't believe that. I looked online and Frank the father died a few years ago.
  4. tiredmommy

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    I really enjoy the show too... we laugh because we have neighbors named Frank & Marie too!

    Here is one of my all time favorite sitcom episodes; Chuckles Bites the Dust from Mary Tyler Moore:

    It's a classic!
  5. JJJ

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    Watching it right now! It is my grandparents favorite show too.
  6. Lothlorien

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    We love that show too. It's definitely going to be a classic like Archie Bunker someday!
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    I love Everyone loves Raymond too. Another one that I watch a lot when Keyana is here is Full House. She likes Michelle. LOL.
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    OH, TM, that is my all-time favorite episode from the Mary Tyler Moore show! I laughed till I cried at that one!

    I have a lot of favorites from the old, classic TV shows. Some of the best ones were on the Carol Burnett show, the sketches with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. Remember the one where Tim Conway was the brand new dentist right out of school, reading how to do everything out of a book, and accidentally sticking himself with the novacaine needle and numbing different parts of his body? And Harvey Korman was the patient in the chair, who didn't even try to keep from laughing hysterically!

    And then there was "All In The Family", which was absolutely outrageous in it's day. The best episode ever was the one where Archie was alone for the weekend, waiting for the furnace repairman to come, and accidentally locks himself in the basement. He spends two days down there, freezing and hungry, with nothing to drink but a big bottle of liquor he found. He's drunk and delirious and he's talking to God, asking him to come rescue him. The furnace repairman finally comes, hears Archie in the basement, and unlocks the door. And Archie (the bigot) looks up the basement stairs, sees the (black) repairman, and thinks that he's God! Carroll O'Conor should have won an Emmy Award based solely on the expression on his face as he looked up those stairs!
  10. Jody

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    I loved the Contestant and the Mary Tyler Moor show. Too Funny. It was great to have this to watch this morning. I remember that ALL in the family Episode. Archie was just too comical with those faces, so was Edith. I also like Red Foxx and The Jeffersons. I never got into M.A.S.H. but I remember my father and brother really loved that show and enjoyed quite some laughs. One of my favorite things used to be a I love Lucy day when they would play several hours worth of her shows. I have to see what happens in the Contestant. Is there anywhere that I can go to see the rest of the show. too funny. Thank you.