Everyone off the road!!!!



easy child got his permit!

He was sooo nervous. He was filling out his info...First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name....

Me: easy child, you're middle initial is not 'M'.
easy child: I know, it's 'B'.
Me: So, why did you put 'M'.
easy child: Oh. I don't know.


He drove to the grocery store last night. I am a terrible passenger with experienced drivers...I like to be in control and all. I don't know if I'm going to survive this. I do know that the one Oh No handle on the ceiling of the car isn't going to be enough. I need two. At least.


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I still scare my dad when I drive. I'm not a bad driver either. I think he just reverts to when he taught me to drive and wishes there were a brake pedal there as well as more than one "Oh No" handle.


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LMAO...omg...I am just dying laughing here at him putting a M in as his middle initial. An alias!

Now do go get your passenger floorboard reinforced because you will probably slam your feet right through it before long trying to put the brakes on...lmao.
LMAO @ M for Middle...and the "oh no" bar. Of course we have other names for it, depending on the infraction. They range from "oh golly gee" all the way up to the four letter words.


HAHAHAHAHA...an alias. He might need one by the time we get through this. :devil:

How did MY kid get to be old enough to drive? Wasn't it just last week that he was wrapping his pudgy little arms around me and saying, "I love you, Momma." Sigh....

Next thing you know he's going to want to move out. I knew I should have put a brick on his head to keep him from growing.


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Oh my, you too?? My difficult child got his permit a month ago. I am so not ever getting in a car with him!!! He can only drive with gma or gpa - and gpa used to teach drivers ed!!! Made lots of good drivers, but not my bro. My bro was such a bad driver my mom insisted on teaching me. She would read books while I drove her to do all the errands.

Hugs, honey, we need to support each other - and stay off the sidewalks!!



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I'm with you guys, but easy child got her drivers license on Tuesday. She has been gone out of the house almost since....LOL. Today they go back to school, so she is driving there. ACK. I'm with you when did my kids get so old? Also, when did I get that old.


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You think you feel old when they get their permit? Try how old you feel when they leave home and start their own families...lol.

I swear I just put Jamie on the bus yesterday for kindergarten...lol. Now he has completed 4 years in the Marines and has a family.

Where oh where does the time go?


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difficult child 1 got his licence yesterday. We met up at the shopping centre today and he proudly showed me his new licence - so the Southern Hemisphere isn't safe, either!

by the way, this was his second attempt to get his licence - he failed his first test because he didn't know how to start the car with the immobiliser activated...



call 911........call 911
Bravo easy child!!! Is that easy child M or easy child 007?


Mom? There is no brake on that side of the car!


I don't need just a brake. I need my own steering wheel. I'm such a bad passenger. :hammer: