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Difficult Child didn't feel well on Friday. Sore throat, all stuffed up. He wasn't running a fever, but he has a history of having strep with no fever, so I let him stay home and took him to get looked. No strep, and he was fine all weekend, so I made sure he understood he was going to school today. It's the last day of classes.

Fast forward to Sunday. Easy Child had hockey practice, and came home saying he didn't feel well and that he has a headache. I gave him some Tylenol and told him to rest. He was kind of off all day. When he was going to bed he felt really warm to me. Sure enough he was running a fever. No school for Easy Child today.

This morning I come downstairs to give Difficult Child his medications before I jumped in the shower, and I tell him that Easy Child is running a fever and will be staying home, and he has a meltdown. 6:15 in the morning, and this kid is screaming that I'm not being fair because he doesn't feel well, either, and he should get to stay home.

I gently remind him that he stayed home on Friday with no fever, something I wouldn't let Easy Child do. Difficult Child then insists he has a fever. I let him take his temperature just to appease him. No fever. Told him to get his butt out to the bus stop. Hew can rest tomorrow when he doesn't have to go in.

So not looking forward to summer vacation.

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So frustrating that Difficult Child can't understand the difference (or that he does but chooses to whine instead). Good for you for making him go to school today! I feel your pain about summer vacation. Even now with difficult child doing so much better summers are hard. He gets bored and wants us to be his playmates and take him everywhere.


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Sorry about your day! Its not easy having everything equal ( Christmas, Birthday, outings, Tv time, home from school because of health etc!!) I get it! You did the right thing by sending him, I agree with Wiped! Aww yes, summer!!!! Mines out, yes, I truly understand! Hugs!