Eviction again!

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    One of the people who work in the trailer park cleaning up trash just came to Corys trailer and handed him an eviction notice that they "claimed" to find in his yard. Uhhh right! Supposedly the date on this notice was June 2 with a court date of June 11th. Aint no way this paper has been sitting in his yard since then because the paper was perfectly dry and neat with no signs of being in the rain. We have had thunderstorms almost every afternoon here.

    Oddly enough this eviction was supposedly filed not one week...heck 5 days after Cory was in court after the last one and one of the reasons it states is that Cory hadnt paid rent. Well...if we all can remember, Cory had already paid his June rent in mid-May. He has his receipt. And...when this eviction was filed his rent wasnt even late had he not paid his rent...it was only the 2nd! But...he had paid his rent so that is a moot point. And of course, they guy is alleging drug activity and failure to follow park rules. Why this guy did this not 5 days after the first eviction when he pulled that one we will never know.

    Cory is on his way to appeal this with Superior Court. Then he intends to go find a lawyer to sue the pants off this guy. This is absurd. Of course, this guy is going to eventually just refuse to accept rent so he can get him out. At that point I am going to call dept of housing and close him down. I am also going to pay for a website...go daddy.com...lol....and go viral on him about what he has done. Ya know...Cory isnt the only one who was the victim of a home invasion there. 2 more families were reported in the paper and also a murderer was found living in this guys trailer park so I dont think Cory is bringing down the property values there.
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    Sounds like your sons landlord is major difficult child....and an idiot.

    GO GET EM JANET......:mad:
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    Are they trying to sell the property to a developer? This sounds like some of the tactics they were using around here when land was still worth something.
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    Suz? What did I say?
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    You go Janet!!
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    You censored yourself so I just removed it.


    Janet, one has to wonder if this guy is playing with a full deck. I hope Cory not only wins the case but can also file a counter suit for harassment. What a jerk!

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    Suz...I really wonder about this guy too. I have seen the lease and it is a month to month lease. He claimed when he started this whole thing that he was giving Cory and Mandy a "Rent to Own Lease" but no where on that lease does it say that. I think this guy knows he is hoovered and wants to get Cory out of there. Probably most people dont give him any hassle and just leave. He hasnt met me! I do know that this man rented Cory's home and other homes illegally when they did not meet code. He does this to people who are either illegal aliens, on welfare or have legal issues. This is just absurd in this country. I have been forwarded to the Attorney General's office by HUD. Cory has also retained an attorney.

    Oddly enough I cant find any listing for this mobile home park in the phone book. The only listing under the name BBBBBBB at all, is for BBBBBBB Laundry Mat and Car Wash which is where you go to pay your rent or make application for renting a trailer. The office per se. There is no onsite office at any of his 4 trailer parks. I am wondering now if he actually owns these parks legally. I do plan to go to a mobile home dealer and ask them about him.

    Im amazed at how grown up Cory has become over these issues. Instead of going down and busting up the place...which is MY first instinct...lol....Cory is doing all this legally. He even had to pay $90 to appeal the eviction in Superior Court!
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    If you have a good investigative reporter at one of your local TV stations, this sounds like something they would LOVE to get hold of! After Cory finds somewhere else to live, of course...

    It really sounds like he's just using his renters to make repairs on these trailers to get them in better condition, evicting the tenants who thought they were renting to own, and then maybe selling the trailers to someone else for a nice profit. He's taking advantage of people who desperately need an economical place to live, making them think they will someday own the trailer, then swindling them out of 'their' homes and the money they spent fixing them up! That can't be legal. He's a real sleeze!
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    I dont think Cory will have a place to live in a month. Legally with a 30 day lease all this guy has to do is give him 30 days to vacate which is why I dont get the whole...eviction process. Why go through all that drama when all he really has to do is state...I give you 30 days on your 30 day lease and you must leave. Cory would be ticked but he would look at the lease and see the dude is right. Cory would probably FORCE him to evict then because Cory didnt pay a security deposit and really...Cory has no credit so what does Cory care if he puts a judgement on him? Please...lol. That would give him 2 months to find a place. Gonna really be the same thing in the end.

    Now what we will face is this guy refusing to accept rent for July. We have paid June. I am going to advise Cory to send July rent in a money order...postal...certified letter, return receipt requested and it has to be signed for by the owner. Mark the outside of the letter JULY RENT and photograph the letter. Then if he doesnt accept the rent...well I dont know how to handle that. Sigh. At least we can show effort.
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    I know that y'all and Cory forked over the $$ for materials or else scrounged up the materials needed to repair Cory's trailer. Cory may be able to file a Contractor's Lien or Builder's Lien against the man. It would require him securing receipts for the work he did, and estimating the labor he invested. But the owner would be forced to repay Cory for the work that went into making the place habitable.

    If Cory doesn't want to do this, then he should at least sic the County on this landlord for renting places that are not up to code.

    I am sorry. This landlord is a fool - he could do so much better if he made an ally out of Cory!!!
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    I told DF tonight and he said

    "It sounds like she's going to go GERALDINE SPRINGER on his butt."

    I said laughing - OHhhhhhhhhhhhh you just DO NOT KNOW.....lol

    Deb has the microphone
    Suz has the "Bleep" machine (you gonna gits a lotsa work sisstah)
    Me and Becky got security -

    Toto...oh TOTO darling - can you bring the snacks?

    Anyone else want to contribute to Janet "Geraldine" Springer episode come on down.
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    I got the popcorn covered. Who's bringing the booze??

    Janet......... Does this dude have Alzheimers per chance? If not, he's got worse memory issues than we do. Filing an eviction notice on a month to month lease is just plain out and out stupid. Doing it again after just apologizing to the judge for the last one and dropping it.......is just plain idiotic. Especially when he's got to know he gave Cory a receipt for the darn rent.

    Ok, if Janet's going postal warrior Mom, I want a front row seat. :D *I did say I was bringing the popcorn* ;)
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    I'll be there!

    I'll be the one out front selling tickets! :D
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    I'll gladly bring the booze!!! WFEN
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    Security???? Cool!!!!! I've been in the mood to tackle someone and bend their arm up behind them. Muwhaahahahahahahaha

    You go get this jerk Janet!!!!
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    Can anyone see any reasoning behind this? Really. I just cant. Now Cory's lawyer has asked him to bring in pictures of his trailer. Why I really dont know. The guy isnt alleging any property damages which really would be a hoot considering what it looked like prior to him moving in! I would love to see his "prior" pictures...lol. No floors, no door knobs, doors off their hinges, bathrooms falling in, no appliances, wiring sticking out of the furnace.

    Could it be that he has gotten pinched on other trailers and he needs tenants out before he gets caught with more tenants in sub-par trailers? I would lay odds that even now Corys place may not pass code. It is still missing one bathroom that Cory hasnt been able to fix and one bedroom he hasnt done. The furnace should be both heat and air but Cory couldnt afford to get the outside unit so he uses window units. I would bet my right arm it wasnt fixed correctly.
  17. CrazyinVA

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    Janet, you may be able to find the true owner of the trailer park by looking at either the real esatate tax records, or secretary of state records. As a paralegal who does this stuff for a living, I'm happy to dig into it for you, if you want to PM me the name and address of the trailer park, at least the name under which it does business (which isn't always the "legal" name of the entity owner). I'm super slow at work these days, and I love a mystery! I can't promise results, but I at least know where to look to find info, and I'll find it if it's there.
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    I have the cream puffs and the brownies and some lovely carrot cake I can bring! Also will bring some wine.

    Can't wait to see the Geraldine Springer act! I wonder what kind of teeny pieces the judge will chew the landlord into this time around, esp so soon after the last time.
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    Wow, this sounds so outrageous. There seems to be no advantage for the landlord to do this type of thing, yet here it is happening!?!? Very puzzling for sure. I sincerely hope that Cory can find a affordable place to live that is up to standard and in a place that he can feel secure. It sure ticks me off when people put their own $$ and labor into making a home for themselves and get rolled over like this.

    I'll bring some Geraldine beads!!!!