Evidently difficult child 2 didn't want to be left out

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mrscatinthehat, Nov 13, 2007.

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    While I was on the phone at home with difficult child 1 and her Residential Treatment Center (RTC) gfg2s place called husband on his cell.

    He had been sent to his room. When he came out he had a battery and some metal in his mouth and told them they could do it the easy way or the hard way. Well evidentally they got him to give it up after about 40 minutes.

    Then somehow he got a pop tab and swallowed it. The nurse said that was nice it will pass your not going to the hospital (which is what he wanted).

    I know why they told him that but I am sooo hoping nothing happens because he did this. What more can this child eat/swallow? Nevermind I take it back I don't want to know.

    So it seems both difficult child's are acting out. They have no contact but both are doing so at similiar times. That is kind of wierd. Makes me wonder if there is some underlying reason why it is happening now. Or if it is just a happy coincidence (so sarcastic on that one I am).

    AT least easy child is in a good mood. I am knocking on wood on that one.

    We have a session with difficult child 2 later today in about 12 hours actually and what do you say (again).

    difficult child 1 was just disappointing. difficult child 2 I want to smack. Which I know I can not do as it will not accomplish anything. But he just has me to the point of thinking a good brain duster is needed. Hopefully that feeling will pass with some sleep. Otherwise I will have to make sure a table is between us at our session.

    Well I will nap now. Can't wait to see what later brings. (Oh the sarcasm again).

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    Good grief!

    *peeking outside, checking for a full moon*
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    Oh Beth.... one difficult child really should be the limit. Sounds like #2 has really got everyone's button well labeled. Argh!

    Personally, I wouldn't address his ... uh... dietary issues at all. His stomach, his intestines, his problem. He knows it's ridiculous, in my humble opinion, and is just waiting for everyone to react. I wouldn't give him the pleasure. But that's just me.

    Brain duster.... I like that term. :wink: I myself have been feeling that way about thank you for several weeks now.

    I have to wonder if both your kids are revving up for the annual holiday heydays. Seems like November to early Jan are really bad months, especially in RTCs where the kids all just feed off of each other.

    Hang in there!
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    So sorry.......Good grief! And I thought just my one was bad.

    It does make you wonder, since they are both doing it at the same time, if there was some traumatic event that happened around this time they are re-living. I see that difficult child 2 was adopted, was difficult child 1 adopted as well? Are they bio brother and sister? If so, it is possible they are having flashbacks of some sort about something. If that is not the case, than it as slsh said, the flippin' holidays! It gets us all, but these kids more so.

    Hang in there, and let us know how it goes today with the meetings.
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