Evil Friend Returns!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by pasajes4, Dec 20, 2011.

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    We were making progress and now it is all out the window. My 15 year old son has a "friend" who is a horrible influence on my son who is easily influenced by the wrong type of people. This kid had moved out of the area and things were improving. He is now back and things are going down the tubes real quick and in a hurry. In the past week my son has: skipped school, left home, got stopped by the police in a stolen car (my son was not arrested-the other two boys were arrested and the "friend" ran), left home again with this kid and stayed gone 2 days, found out they were in the garage smoking weed at someone else's house. I called the police to report him as a runaway both times. Now my kid who wanted money for a gift found out he will not be getting any and is mad at me because I just don't understand that he needs money. I am sure he does, drugs cost money.
    i almost forgot, he is refusing to go to therapy or to the psychiatrist for his medications. because this kid told my son that he does not have the problem-I do.

    Can you say Merry Christmas!!! Whew ...needed to vent.
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    Understanding hugs. Literally for years I included EF in my posts as I watched my easy child turn into a easy child/difficult child and finally a difficult child. Honestly I did everything I could possibly do to break up their "friendship". EF's parents could not get control of him and admitted it. He had been dysfunctional since an early age and turned into a very handsome, very manipulative, thrill seeking, drug/alcohol using teen. To this day I abhor that kid...although I do accept that my kid "made the choice" to hang out with him and defy the rules. I wish I could share a success story but truly EF was an insurmountable obstacle to getting easy child back on track as a easy child.

    Hang in there and I will send prayers your way as you do your best. Hugs and good luck. DDD