Excellent discussion of the new bipolar study

Sara PA

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Yesterday the local NPR show covered that new study on the over-diagnosis of bipolar in children.

"A new study shows a 40-fold increase in bipolar diagnosis in children over 10 years. Is this a case of overdiagnosis or have psychiatrists been underdiagnosising the disorder in the past? We are joined by the author of the study, MARK OLFSON a professor of psychiatry from Columbia University and psychiatrist ELLEN LEIBENLUFT from the National Institutes of Mental Health to talk about the alarming rise in bipolar diagnosis in children."

It can be heard on Real Audio here.. It's in the hour two of Monday Sept 10th's show.


It seems as if a lot of mental illness and neurological stuff in general is increasingly diagnosed. Thanks for the link. Michele

Sara PA

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Do you have Real Audio installed? It's almost an hour long so if you have dial-up it's going to take a while to download. Other than that, I don't know....