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I know it comes with having a new job to be excited and nervous..........but well, c'mon, for me it has been quite a long time since I last worked. (nearly a decade)

I will be working 3rd shift which is actually a combination of 2nd and 3rd shift........hours are 4:30pm until 3:00 am. Regular days are monday through thursday.........with friday and saturdays open for overtime. Which you usually get overtime every week. (both days)

I know the first couple of weeks are going to take a LOT out of me while I get used to it. Hours won't bother me too much as I rarely am in bed before 1am normally. Usually there is one weekend a month where you get the 3 days off (friday, sat, sun). I have a feeling I'm going to be looking forward to that weekend. lol

Nichole doesn't remember a lot of heavy lifting, but then she was on day shift so I might be doing something different. Only thing that has a chance of doing me in on this job is repetitive heavy lifting. I'm not 20 anymore. But it sounds as if they don't want you lifting over 40 lbs alone, so I can handle that. (had a job once where I got stuck loading 100 lb boxes of ammo onto skids.....talk about losing weight fast.....and I lasted 2 days I think) Tedious it is 99.9 percent of the time and I think that is about my speed right now. (brain wise)

Did the paperwork today........an exam (passed with flying colors) drug test......safety junk. Tomorrow is official orientation and I'll be there 10am-4:30pm. I start Wed night. I'm assuming since we're newbies and starting mid week, we'll wind up working the overtime this week. If not, great, if so I'm fine with it.

Mentioned bff's sister in laws name when I went in.....and that was that. :)

Only hit one snag. I did the paperwork for direct deposit for my checking acct. Except I discovered after I left there when I went to the bank that my acct had been closed due to inactivity. So I'll have to fix that when I go in tomorrow morning. Shouldn't be a big deal.

Nichole is covering for me as sitter for easy child's boys so that easy child isn't caught in a lurch. Fortunately, although Nichole lives so far away she is still on the way to work for easy child. It gives easy child time to find someone else without having to miss any work.

Gas tank is full. Car is ready to go. Might look for some more comfy shoes tonight though......the puppy ate my really comfy pair and they are no longer comfy. (they turned into my garden shoes lol )

I will make this work simply because I have no other choice. I may do nothing but eat sleep and work for the next two weeks or so.........but hey, it's worth it. So if you don't see me around........I'm working or sleeping.

My girls had to go make me tear up this afternoon. Nichole did a sentimental post about how strong I am blah blah blah and how proud she is.......and then easy child and Katie jumped in and even sister in law had to comment............. If strong is just continuing to put one foot in front of the other no matter what happens......then I guess I'm strong. phht

But I did want to make it a point to thank my family here. Without you guys.........well, honestly, this has been the hardest 2 yrs ever and not made the least bit easier when no one would hire me........and you were always here to cheer me up and root for me. Couldn't have stuck it out without my kids and my board family.

Love you all more than you know.


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Love you, too, Lisa!!! We are a family! AND you ARE STRONG! Just accept it. And what a great role model for your children!


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You are such a smart cookie! :) I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and am truly glad we are Board related.
Hugs DDD


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Lisa, I saw that post and - you have done more with less (and I am not talking just financially!) than anyone I have ever known.

:bigsmile: get 'em girl!


Yes, sometimes the definition if strength is putting one foot in front of the other. I really hope easier times are in your near future.


I have an excellent pair of shoes that weren't too expensive when you start bringing in cash look up shoesforcrews.com I have had two pairs they last a very long time and are slip resistant. I have the base model pair which are about 20.00 I loved them so much! They help with back knee and foot pain. The last pair I received were a birthday present from my mom.

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First day went just fine overall. :)

I found the place ok...........which was my biggest worry. The job doesn't seem intimidating. Although I'm sure being on your feet 10 hrs a day is no picnic.

Only odd thing.........

I didn't recognize bff's sister in law. omg LOL She has worn the same hair style for ages upon ages. Seems since the last time I saw her she cropped her hair off really short. I didn't recognize her until someone said her name. Even then.....well, she did not look like herself it changed her appearance so much.

I have to be careful not to act like I "know" her. I didn't know it but she not only does the hiring for the candle factory she is the top dog in the temp company now. (holy moly!) Seems anyone thinks you're "in" with her and people start treating you weird. So now I'm glad I didn't recognize her right away.


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Good I am glad to hear it went well. I remember standing on my feet at Walmart. It took some time to get used to. Couldn't do it now if I tried/ So happy for you Lisa.

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Jody I've done it before too.......and hated it. But the times I hated it where times when they didn't let you move around. As long as I'm moving......I'm fine.

I've had 2 ehhh not so hot experiences at these type jobs.

1. Was a sporting goods warehouse filling orders to ship to customers. That is the one where I loaded 100 lb boxes of ammo onto skids. I caught on to it fast even though it was supposedly complicated......but that warehouse was enormous and you pulled your order from the entire place, there were ladders to climb that were about 20 ft tall. They required 12 hr work days for newbies PLUS overtime........2-3 days I lost more than 20 lbs, no sleep (too darn sore when I got home, exhausted or not) and that was enough. If I could've slept I couldn't stuck it out.

2. One was air freight. No training because stupid me volunteered to man a line that was too short to operate without a volunteer. Should've been like 20 people on that line, there were TWO....me and the woman training me. That one kicked my butt but at least I could sleep, so I made it a week............when my ride to work bailed out on me and I lost transportation. Made me furious. I actually LIKED that job once I got the hang of it.

But those 2 jobs happened for a reason. Because of those 2 I look at this one and I just smile. I'll be tired and sore........but unless my eye hand coordination is kaput and I don't know it......it's gonna be a cake walk compared to those other two. And I'll keep telling myself that so I won't be tempted to quit. lol


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Glad it went well and really hope that you spend your first available money on GOOD shoes. Hugs DDD


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I am glad you got the job and I hope it works out for you. For the SHORT term, a month or so, you may want to try the dr sholls shoes at walmart. After a month or so, they will be SHOT. If you go for a more expensive shoe, they will last a lot longer. husband was insistent for years that he could get the dr sholls $20-$30 shoes at Walmart and have them last a year or more. He has learned better and enjoyed not having the leg and back aches. It is worth spending more for good shoes and it will benefit every part of your body.

Cheap shoes are fine for dress up, or for very short term, but with your first real check you NEED to invest in good shoes and maybe even compression stockings or at the least sheer energy stockings to help your legs. From what I have learned about kidney issues, sometimes having compression stockings can make a BIG difference in what you can do and for how long you can do it.

I really hope this comes with insurance and that the coworkers are wonderful as is the company. (((((hugs)))))