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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Aug 17, 2009.

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    Tigger got to meet his new teacher today! She was very impressed with him :)

    We had a meeting with the new teacher, new aide, new school pysch, new program director and old Special Education directors and old principal (all younger than me but same ones as last year LOL).

    I was very impressed and excited. They acknowledged that last year was less than ideal from a program point of view. This year, they brought in experienced, ed staff. They are using the school psychiatric from the autism support team!! The teacher has 14 years ED experience and the aide has 8 years experience in an ED room. (Last year's teacher and aide had zero experience.)

    I put my goal on the table that by 7th grade I want Tigger in the Learning Disability (LD) classroom and not the ED room (Learning Disability (LD) room is in our junior high, the ED room is in the next town). Everyone agreed that we could work slowly toward that goal (he is only a 5th grader so we have two years to get there!).

    This is the best I have felt about him and school!!!
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    This sounds so positive! School starting off in a positive tone is so crucial. Even if not for our kids, for us! LOL
    It will be good for Tigger. I will be keeping the body parts crossed for quite awhile for your guy.
    2 years does not sound like an unreasonable goal.
    The aide and the Teacher sound like they both could be blessings!
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    Sounds very promising!! I hope this is a great school year!!
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    Very cool!