Excited!! Unexpected surprise!

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    I had finished my shopping for Christmas. We only bought for easy child and difficult child. It is a frugal year, by necessity and by choice, a mixed blend of reasoning.

    Anyhow, the part that made me sad was no "wow" gift. Just one thing for each of them to make them super excited. I had excepted that though, and focused on family activities to look forward to instead.

    Last night a friend of mine that I sat on a board with when I worked in Toronto, posted on facebook about HIS friend who had NHL tickets and NBA tickets (holds seasons tickets to both) for sale for several games over the coming months.

    I managed to get an amazing price on the NHL tickets for easy child. She is in her 6th season of playing hockey and this will be her first NHL game. I got a great price for my basketball fanatic difficult child to come with me to a NBA game. The tickets are in the lowest section, only 11 rows from court side!! His favorite player is Iverson (the 76'ers) and he gets to see him, pretty darn up close too!!

    I would not have been able to swing this, however I broke my own cardinal rule over discussing child support issues with either of my ex's. I contacted easy child's dad and asked him if I could have my Jan support early, as well as my Feb support. (He pays less in 6 months or so than he would be court ordered to pay per month, so I was hoping since I'm overboard fair with him, that he'd be graceful enough to advance me the payments) He said no problem when he heard what it was for. I was so delighted and thanked him profusely.

    difficult child's basketball game will be in Feb and easy child's hockey game in March. Which gives me time to get the bus tickets to Toronto and the hotel costs for each visit :) The tickets will be a Christmas gift, and the trip cost will be their birthday gifts.

    I am so excited for them :) :) :)
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    Well how cool is THAT?! Awesome! :D
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    I hope you get pictures when they open THOSE gifts!!! I'm sure I'll hear the screams from here! LOL How wonderful!!!!

    That's the cool thing about gift giving holidays, especially the big one. While I love getting presents as much as the next person, it is always such a great feeling when you are able to find/get the one gift that you know someone will get such a kick out of. Whether it's the right brushes for a painter or game tickets for sports fans, when it's THE present, I love it!
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    I'll be snapping pictures :) I'm going to print fancy scrolls with details of hotel and restaurants etc and attach the tickets to them.

    I'm most excited for easy child actually. She often travels with her father and step mother. For hockey tournaments, for their business trips, camping, holidays. We never travel. No money, no car, etc. She has asked me for a long time to take her to Toronto for a NHL game and a girls only night in the city. So I'm going to take her to Gretsky's restaurant for dinner, and spend the following day at the Hockey Hall of Fame before we travel back. When she sees her scroll and reads her "itinerary" she is going to go ape. Obviously for the game. But probably more so over the fact that her and mom get to have a couple of girls only days away. She's big right now into having her and I do things together, just the two of us.