Excuse me while I upchuck ... teens faking illness survey

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by TerryJ2, Jan 1, 2011.

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    While it's good that celebrities are being more open about these things because it opens eyes and can take some of the stigma from having one, I'm sure some of those faking it are doing it for the medications/attention rather than to be "trendy". But even a high percentage of TTs can be pretty stupid at times.
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    That's for sure. But these are serious issues that will mark these teens for the rest of their lives. So sad.
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    There are idiots in every age group, and teens seem to have more than their fair share in their age group. Faking mental illness is just stupid. Half the time the experts cannot tell the difference between mental illness and teenage behaviors anyway - just look at lists of typical teen behaviors and then lists of behaviors for some mental disorders and see how many things are on both lists. Stoopid kids are shooting themselves in the tooshie and don't even know it. These things don't always follow you as an adult, but they can.

    I think it is even dumber to do a "survey" on this - talk about putting ideas into kids' heads that do NOT need to be there!
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    Awful but it doesn't really surprise me. I know too many kids that would do it just for the attention they believe it might get them alone..........so not that hard to believe it for them wanting to be like a celebrity. Some also fake it as a means to get away with certain behaviors both at school and at home believing if they have a disorder how could parents/school punish them for those behaviors.

    Although I still believe it is a minority, and probably a small one as the stigma linked to mental illness is still quite strong in society, and especially among school aged kids.
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    Bipolar disorder has become like this. It's one of the standard ways for celebrities to get out of consequences for breaking rules/behaving badly, etc.
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    It's a survey of UK teens, I'm sure the numbers would vary in other places.
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    It's the Daily mail. That's the newspaper for people whose lips move when they read... seriously, it's barely worth wrapping the vegetable peelings in.

    We (Australia) have been playing England in the cricket Ashes series. We lost. England won. OK, you expect some friendly rivalry, but the UK Daily Mail then published an article saying, "What use is Australia?" and encouraged people to write in, phone in, email in 'bashing' Australia purely because we lost at cricket. Very childish, very pointless and, frankly, it is NOT cricket to do this. It devalued the English win, I felt, by showing bad sportsmanship. But husband pointed out, "Daily Mail readers don't read the articles. They just buy it to look at the page 3 girl." He reminded me of a quote from one of our favourite, brilliant British TV series, "Yes Prime Minister".
    "People who read the Daily Mail don't care who is running the country, as long as they have big ****."

    So pay this survey plenty of never-mind. It's merely a cheap attempt to grab some sensationalist attention.

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    I just searched to find a better example of my quote from "Yes Prime Minister" plus I'll modify it to tone it down for the censor.

    Here is a brief extract. The scene - a public servant is explaining how to understand the various British newspapers and their readership:

    "The Times is read by those who run the country.
    The Telegraph is read by those who would like to run the country.
    The Guardian is read by those who want someone else to run the country.
    The Financial Times is read by those who own the country.
    The Morning Star is read by those who think the country should be run by another country.
    The Daily Mail is read by those who don't care who runs the country, as long as they have big [breasts]."

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    Once I pointed out to Onyxx that, even if she is evaluated and diagnosis'd with ADHD, we won't be putting her on stimulants - her requests to be evaluated vanished. Entirely.

    She's a good kid right now, but...
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    LOL, Marg! Great explanation!