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  1. Chele

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    Happy New Year to all. And I am so glad to announce that I have gained 7 pounds since Oct. It all started with Halloween candy and now with the Holidays I've really done it. I lived it up with the candy, sitting on the couch and no exercise.

    I am so glad we have this forum too. Thank you all. But, I do need some suggestions of ways to stay motivated to cut and burn the calories starting ASAP. I really don't have the money to join a club now and truly doubt that I would stay with it and get my monies worth.

    Any suggestions or ideas you can share of how you stay motivated to get moving? I am a short person 5'1 so, 7 pounds on me is like 15 on a 5'5 person.

    Thanks for any ideas,

  2. goldenguru

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    I can only share what has worked for me.

    I walk. I have walked every day for almost 8 years. Truthfully, it has become so ingrained in my life style that motivation isn't usually a problem. Have you ever heard that after 21 days of doing something it becomes habit? I absolutely believe that is true. So the first few weeks are going to be killer in terms of staying motivated to exercise/diet, but after that it should become less difficult.

    Walking is free. I walk outside. Year around. In the winter - and I live in Michigan. :cold: You live in Tennessee so you have a great advantage. Start slowly - 15 or 30 minutes and build from there.

    There are sooooo many benefits to walking. Especially outdoors where you get fresh air and natural sunlight.
  3. Martie

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    I comment on exercise in the thread started by JJJ.

    In addition to walking which is very good, I would get a set of weights. They do not cost much and are well worth it in my opinion. I had to start with three lb weights, switched to 5 and now I use 8 and 10. What free weights do is build muscle mass in the upper body which is a problem for most women, particularly after age 40. It is easier to keep the muscle mass you have than try to put it back (although it is possible.) In addition to improving posture (which makes anyone LOOK thinner) bigger shoulders and stronger arms tend to balance off the naturally pear shaped (which I am). All you need is two weights and a stable chair to do this.

    As far as motivation goes: if you exercise, you can eat more and still lose weight. If you do not exercise, you will either gain or be hungry all the time. I like to eat, so that is my motivation to keep exercising.

    Best to you,

  4. Penta

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    I walk as well...partly for exercise and partly for connecting with nature. I have noticed some pretty amazing sights during my walks. Sometimes I walk in an urban setting, sometimes on nature trails. I belong to a walking group that I met through meetups.com and we walk with a naturalist on weekends.
  5. Wiped Out

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    Walking is great. Also get a fit ball along with the weights that Martie suggested. Also think about getting a few exercise videos that you could do at home.
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I like walking, but have a hard time getting myself out to do it unless I make a date with a friend. It usually ends up being our "therapy" session and before we know it, we've covered three or more miles and the time has flown by. But my walking friends have erratic schedules (I know, that's an excuse).

    My sister in law gave me a "body ball" for Xmas (she said she meant well). It's sitting here on my desk still in the box. I don't know if I'll get around to blowing it up and watching the DVD that came with it...

    The 21-days to a habit stuff is true. My 44th birthday is in <s>25</s> 24 days... and it sure would be great if I could be well on my way to a healthier habit by then!

  7. Fran

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    Chele, I think setting small goals. Think 1/2 hr of walking at a decent clip is nothing. You could use up that time just being on the phone or surfing the net.
    I figured if I walked I would be doing something for my heart, mind, body and general health. I gradually got to walking pretty fast for an hour. It led to a more active life and a healthier outlook. I did a ropes course at 49. I was really tickled with myself to take challenges I would never have done. I even got so bold as to do a boot camp at 5AM for 6 wks. I was the old lady and I didn't come in the with best time but I wasn't last(well I was probably next to the last) but I completed it and felt happy with it.

    So imagine something you want to try long term. Say skiing, or scuba diving maybe wearing something very daring. Then start with small steps with your eye on getting to the next phase of feeling better.

    I also found that my exercise schedule had to be treated like a doctor's appointment. It was not flexible except for extreme emergency. No one's life got priority over that hour. My husband was on board and wouldn't ask me to miss out on the classes. Eventually I could be flexible but slowly I got more and more flexible until now that I haven't done anything but walk the dogs for the last 6 months. So even though I worked very hard for 7 yrs, I fell off the wagon and it's always hard to get back on.

    I know a lot of devoted runners. (not me) They have done it every day for 20 or 30 yrs and injury alone is the only time they don't make the time. It's self discipline and a drug of sorts. A healthy drug but it has to be done to stay healthy and youthful.
  8. trinityroyal

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    I LOVE my fit ball. It's fun and I don't really feel like I'm working when I use it, but it's truly amazing exercise.

    I think mine is called "Simply Gym Ball", and it came with a little book and a DVD. I haven't actually read the book or watched the DVD, I just bounce around on it.

    Little easy child has a big Superman bouncy ball, and I have my fit ball. We take them out in the back yard, and we just bounce around on them. We lie on our stomachs on top of the balls, and then walk on our hands, until the ball is just under our feet. We have contests to see who can roll further without falling off.

    We lie on our backs on the ground and squeeze the balls between our feet, and then lift them into the air using our legs.

    We throw and catch the balls (and miss a lot, and spend a lot of time running around the yard, catching stray balls)

    Sometimes we play Giant Bouncy Ball Soccer with them.

    Because I'm just playing with my little tike, it doesn't feel like exercise, but it's quite a workout.

    Chele, I understand completely. Being a half-pint myself, a little bit of weight goes a long long way. 10 lbs on me is like 20 on an average-sized person.

    My big suggestion for motivating yourself is to have fun. For me, if it's not fun then it feels too much like work and I don't want to do it. If you can find a physical activity that's fun for you (I like the walk with a friend suggestions made by others) then that will keep you motivated.

    All the best,
  9. Martie

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    I should have mentioned the exercise ball. I use one with the weights at the gym for variety. It's not necessary (a chair and the floor will work) but it is fun and you can do LOTS of things with a ball.

    If you have one, I would suggest either reading the book or watching the video. My personal trainer (yes, that's what it took to get me on track!) says to add one exercise per week rather than hopping around from one to another. There is less chance of injury, and it is easier to concentrate on "form" which is important to maximum benefit.

    I have always admired that Fran did "Boot Camp." I am not a "take a class" person but did find the sessions with the trainer helpful and a good way to avoid injury.

    I would love to type more motivating things, but I have to go to the gym :biggrin:

  10. standswithcourage

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    I walk too and have walked since we stopped going to the Y about 8 years ago. However we are still members of a gym and I go there to help motivate my easy child son to go! I love walking the best. It feels good to be outside and smell the air and look at the scenery. If you dont have a friend to go take your cell phone or get an Ipod. When you start it becomes something you have to do. Start out walking for the fun of it and increase your pace and your distance week by week. Also it is good for your bones and helps fight off sickness to stay healthy! Good luck - everyone needs to do something! :dance:
  11. SomewhereOutThere

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    When it's warm in Wisconsin, I bike ride sometimes for miles. Sometimes I'll bike to the Mall and then go inside and walk around, window shopping (but I'm also walking). I may get some orange juice and sit for a few minutes, then go back out and ride. The idea of going to the Mall is a big motivator as I love to think about what I'm going to spend our meager funds on next...lol. In the winter I go to the Y and bring a book with me so I can read while I'm on the machines. I"ve learned to read while my body goes up and down...lol. I truly HATE to work out. My motivator is that I'm 54 and there are 54 year olds who can't even walk up stairs. When I can run up and down stairs with no hands (yaaaaaaaay!) I feel great. I also know that keeping a decent weight and working out will help me live a longer, more healthful life...and I have a little granddaughter on the way...SHE is a great motivator too. As are my minor kids who are still at home. THey need me healthy.