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    difficult child had a cold that went into asthma and we've been doing the neulizer ever 3-4 hours for two days now. Let me just say that when albueterol meets adhd/hyperactivity it ain't pretty. After the disappointment at the music performance it went downhill. I need a vacation. I sort of hope that our getaway vote turns out to be the beach. I need something like that to look forward to about now.
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    I wish you could get a break. Is there any chance of someone watching him if even for a few hours? Gentle hugs.
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    Oh honey, I can't even handle the nebulizer, and I am NOT ADHD! I mean yeah, it helps me breathe, but at the expense of shaking like crazy. I literally feel like my insides are jumping around and rearranging themselves.

    Wiped out is right. Do you have the time/ability/resources to get a little break? Go out to lunch with a girlfriend or something? Even a bubble bath?

    Take care of YOU. Or you will not be replenished or whole enough to take care of the kids. I know, we are not programmed to think that way...but do what you can to get some "you" time. You not only deserve it, you desperately need it.

    Lots of hugs. This "get together" can't get here soon enough!
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    :highvoltage:This is the image I have of a difficult child on asthma medications.

    I am so sorry!!! OMG!

    I remember the time that difficult child had a cortisone shot because of horrible poison ivy. The next time he got poison ivy, so sorry, but he was just out of luck. I rather have him itching and swollen than have to peel him off the walls.

    Many hugs.
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    I know from personal experience how albuterol can make a person bounce off the walls. Hugs to you! I hope this is a short-term medication and that you get the asthma under control quickly.