Experience with Meniscus Repair Surgery?

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  1. I'm wondering if anyone here has had experience with a Meniscus tear with a surgical repair? I know that it is a very common procedure...

    easy child hurt his knee three weeks ago (dancing at a DragonCon convention of all places). Despite conservative treatment it is no better and he cannot bend or extend his leg. He went to see an orthopedist and he's going for a MRI Tuesday. The ortho is pretty certain that he is going to need a Meniscus tear repair.

    easy child is thinking that he will have this and toddle off to a work trip to Manhattan in three weeks. I have my doubts and I'm thinking he might want to have the surgery after the trip, as he is basically getting around without crutches now.

    If you've had experience with this surgery( or know someone who has) , I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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    I did have this surgery- but it was decades ago, before arthroscopic surgery was available. I was in my teens and working waiting tables, and against dr advice, without a release to return to work, I did go back to work after 3 weeks, in spite of a 6 inch long incision.......but.....it was not easy or comfy. Prior to my surgery, I DID get around and I did work, BUT doing so caused further damage to my tear and also to some of my muscles which dr said made my recovery more difficult.

    I think arthroscopic surgery has a shorter easier recovery, but...........I would still be careful with activities both before and after the surgery.
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    I had a meniscectomy (sp?) on Sept. 15. The ortho said they repair if you're under 20, and remove if you're older...something about blood flow to the area and the healing process. I am still in pain from the surgery, and, after I worked Friday afternoon, it became PAIN all over again. I'm a substitute teacher, and thought I could easily do three hours, because I could sit down, and I was so sure I'd be fine that I accepted two more jobs for the upcoming week. After Friday, I cancelled those jobs. Today we looked at some model homes, walked around maybe 30 - 45 minutes, and now I'm waiting for the Percocet to kick in. Vicodin isn't strong enough anymore.

    This surgery was no joke, and I was not at all prepared for the amount of recovery time this is taking. I thought I'd be up, bouncing around, all cured. Boy, was I wrong.
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    I had the arthroscopic meniscus repair and removal surgery about 10 years ago or so.

    It was about 45 minutes long and the recovery room was about 30 minutes more. They made me get up and walk after 30 minutes and told me to do an exercise bike twice a day for 30 minutes for 2 weeks. No physical therapy was required. No pain killers, no nothing. I was scared really, but then realized I was fine. I took it easy for about 2 weeks and then everything went back to normal. I had to keep the leg elevated for a week when sitting at my desk. I went back to work 3 days after the surgery.

    Not sure about walking through NYC for a day, but if easy child has the opportunity to take breaks and sit for short periods of time, he should be okay. He should ask his DR, seriously. It could be a risk and the last thing he'd want to do is cause more damage.
  5. Thanks Ladies,

    It's interesting to hear about the varieties of experience that you have had. I do think that a lot of progress has been made in this particular type of surgery in the past 10 years.

    I know that it is oh so easy for a young male to underestimate the impact of a surgical procedure and the recovery time required - even though I think he will do very well with the surgery.

    Dreamer, I hear what you are saying, probably the sooner he has this done, the better!
    I also agree with you JoG about seeking the doctor's opinion about the trip. KTMom 91, I'm sorry to hear that your recovery is more complicated than you expected. That is my fear for easy child as well. My last words to him today were, "Make sure you tell the surgeon about the trip you have planned and ask him if it would be better to have the surgery before or after the trip".... I guess time will tell how he chooses to handle the situation.

    It's just so hard to sit back and watch the choices - even though he is an adult!

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    LOL, Oh I am absolutely certain it is far different now than it was way back then in the 70s. I know people do not get the huge incision like I had......so- to begin with there is far less tissue damage.
    I am constantly amazed at surgery now, and how reduced recovery time is in general (barring complications) than it USED to be.

    I managed to cause further damage to mine before thee surgery by wearing this splint thing but not reduceing my activity level and becuz of the meniscus injury, I wound up compensating when trying to walk and tore up quids and hamstrings etc in process.

    I do have to say I am always pleased tohear how less invasive so many surgeries have become over the years.