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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, May 17, 2008.

  1. flutterbee

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    My landlord has signed a maintenance contract with an HVAC company and they wanted to come out and make sure everything is in good working order. Everything works fine, there is no trouble...it's just their thing.

    So, they called me to schedule and asked what time of day was best for me. I told them afternoon. They said they could be here at 8am. :rolleyes: I told them I don't do early morning. I've told you all before how sometimes - a lot of times lately - when I wake up I have trouble focusing and maintaining my balance and it can last a couple of hours. Not always, but it's embarrassing and not something I want strangers in my home witnessing, Know what I mean?? So, they said they would be here at 10am today.

    I couldn't get up this morning. Normally, I can drag myself out of bed and deal with the focus and balancing issues, but today I just couldn't. Told easy child he'd have to deal with the HVAC guy. Then the HVAC company called to cancel.

    Their reason? It's too cold and it's supposed to rain. It's 67 degrees and it's just now at 5pm looking like rain. Not cold, not raining.

    Can someone explain to me what in the world the weather has to do with the HVAC guy anyway? I'm not having any problems so it's not like he's going to be outside working on the AC unit. I'm just annoyed. When I reschedule, it will be when it's convenient for me, not them.

    And that's another thing. Why is it that places ask what's the best time for you and then schedule the exact opposite? My neurologist is famous for that (you'd think they especially would get that). Ask me what time of day is best, tell them afternoon and all of my appointments have been 7:30 or 8am.

    Ok. Mini vent over. Just annoyed at the absurdity.
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    I'm getting old and grouchy. I know for a fact if somebody asked me what time was best for me and then they wanted to schedule the exact opposite, I'd ask them "Why the he!! did you ask me when was best if you wanted to come the opposite of what I said?" That's just plain stupid and my tolerance of stupidity gets smaller and smaller, the older I get. I used to be nice and polite and smile at fools but NO MORE. I usually give them a piece of my mind. I guess that's why I have so little left.
  3. 4sumrzn

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    Hmm...my guess??? It's Saturday....the guy wants to cut it short & blame it on the weather!? I'm with you.....drives me crazy about the scheduled time thing. I gave up awhile ago on all the appointment "stuff" & tell them what days & times I have available......take it or leave it. Pretty much works these days ;) Sorry you were planning on something being taken care of today (not by your choice) & now you have to plan for ANOTHER day to get it done. Any way to ask the landlord to come hang out for hours on end & "wait" for the "maintenance" to be performed? ;) Suppose that's out of the question.

    by the way....not sure how close we are, but the weather held together just fine so far even with the thunderstorm forecast (been enjoying baseball all day & easy child is about ready to start another one ;)) Not a very good excuse on their part.
  4. susiestar

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    I amnot sure WTH the HVAC scheduler was smoking. I also have NO clue what the weather does, unless they would have to be up on a roof and be in danger because lightning.

    I think a call to the landlord is in order. Mention that you WANT to be helpful to the HVAC people, but being offered times the opposite of what you ask for is strange. Ask the landlord to help you with this. Chances are the landlord will get better results.

  5. Hound dog

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    I'm also grouchy when it comes to this sort of thing. It drives me up the wall. Heather, I dunno about cold and rainy, but it's almost 6:30pm and the sun is out here and weather bug says it's 72 degrees. lol But I will say for a bit during Aubrey's birthday party this afternoon it looked as if the cloud were gonna open up on us.

    I did this with the oncologist for Travis a couple of weeks ago. She asked me what time was best, I explained I'm in school so my schedule is tight. Fridays are my only free day, and tues and thursday are just out. So, what did she find? I take him back Tues at 1:30 pm, just as my last class for Tues starts. I took the appoint, but I gave her an earfull. I know they're busy but sheesh, the boy is coming in to have his blood drawn, not a complete exam. sigh

    Anything that has to do with my house is at MY convenience, even if I have to wait longer.

  6. flutterbee

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    The problem with scheduling people out at the house is that I'm close enough to Columbus that most of the service companies are coming from Columbus, but far enough way that they want to start here in the morning and work their way back to town.

    Had there been a legitimate reason for canceling, I would have been more forgiving. But, even IF it had been cold and raining I still don't see what that has to do with HVAC. Do they not work in the winter when it is cold? It's ridiculous.

    And the voicemail the woman left had that definite ring of guilt to it...the kind where they are over-apologetic and stammer around. The same kind of phone call I used to make when I worked for an electrician and they had me call to cancel or reschedule because they didn't want to do that job that day. We went through a period so bad one time (my boss was drug binging in a big way....not suggesting that's the case here) and I finally told them I wasn't doing their dirty work anymore. If they wanted to cancel, they'd have to call. Amazing how many jobs they made it out to.
  7. Marguerite

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    If anyone asks me, "What time suits you?" and then proceeds to give me the opposite, I ask, loudly, "So why did you bother to ask me?"

    Something to bear in mind - a harassed receptionist rarely listens in detail, they're listening for key words instead. So when you give a detailed answer which includes when you ARE available as well as when you are not, they sometimes only hear "Tuesday" and not "totally out of the question". You can usually pull them up on it - "Hey, I did say Tuesday was not suitable."

    Sometimes it's best to just make a decision and tell them a time and a day. "Friday afternoon, 4 pm." Or if they are fairly full-up but still asking me to give them a time, I turn it around and say, "Let's make this easier. When are you available? Give me the range of free spaces you have and I will choose what fits in with me."

  8. witzend

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    If they wanted to do infrared analysis, they would need an extreme difference in inside/outside temperatures to see leaks.

    As far as the scheduling thing, there's no excuse for a last minute cancellation. I would complain to a supervisor and tell them they have a 3 hour window after 1 PM with 24 hour cancellation notice required next time.
  9. skeeter

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    isn't it still Friday afternoon?
    We called Goodwill to come and pick up our van we are donating. It's a conversion van, still runs, but with the gas prices the way they are, we know we'll never be able to sell it, so figured we'd donate it and take the tax write off.
    Goodwill sounded all enthusiastic and said someone would be out Friday afternoon to pick it up.
    No call, no nothing. (and as you see from my post, it's now Sunday morning).

    Monday morning, we're calling either AmVets, Volunteers of America, or St. Vincent De Paul.
  10. dreamer

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    Like witzend, I am always told they can install an ac in any weather, but there are certain parts of working with/serviceing etc air cond that it has to be 70 or above to check/test.

    as for people asking me when is best for me? UG, I hate when they ask me that, too, and then I say a time, and then they say no, so I say another time and they say no, and finally I get mad and say then you tell ME and I will tell YOU if it is OK. I especially hate service calls to the house becuz it seems they never get there anywhere near when they say, anyway......grrr.
  11. Abbey

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    Now THAT would annoy the heck out of me. You try to do a good thing...