Exposure to shingles while pregnant

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by joneshockey, Dec 8, 2010.

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    Hello Everyone~
    I just have a quick question that I was wondering if anyone had the answer to... A collegue that I work with has shingles and came back to work yesterday after just missing 1 day of work. I was wondering what precausions I should be taking while being at work. I have heard that it is very dangerous for pregnant women to be around someone who has shingles, but do not know if it is the truth or just an old wivestale. I left a message at my doctors. office, but have not heard back from them. What are your thoughts?
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    A website has a post from a board certified OBGYN: You need not stay away from people with shingles or chicken pox if you're immune. Your doctor can do a simple blood test to tell whether you're immune or not. If so, you're OK. If not, ask your doctor about immunization if you're in early pregnancy

    Apparently being immune is pretty close to a given if you had chicken pox or shingles in your lifetime. I would think you'd be okay, although if you haven't had chicken pox I would speak to my doctor. Sounds like a blood test can determine immunity.
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    When my father in law had shingles, we were all okay to be around him, but he said his doctor told him to stay away from pregnant woman and people who haven't been exposed or inoculated. I would definitely be calling your physician again.
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    Yep, like the others have said, if you have not had the chicken pox then stay away. I would not trust the vaccine.

    I had never had chicken pox, I got them from a pt's wife who had shingles. Both kiddos were vaccinated, and difficult child got chicken pox from me. If you were vaccinated, I would ask about a booster or just stay away.