Eye drops - help!?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by eekysign, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. eekysign

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    Forgot, since I'm not used to wearing contacts, and put Visine A eye drops in.

    My right pupil is about three times the size of my left, there's barely any iris left, it's all pupil! The left eye is totally normal, didn't put drops in there. Apparently, this (pupil dilation) is a known side effect of allergy drops!!

    Anyone have any thoughts on what to do with this? I look like I've got a head injury or a glass eye or something! And reading the computer screen is bad - I've still got three more hours at the office. EEP! :tongue:
  2. Andy

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    Call your eye doctor! Tell them what is happening - they will give advise and may want to see you today!
  3. Marguerite

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    It should come back to normal but it couldtake time. Call the eye doctor.

    For future reference - be aware of what you put in your eyes. In recent years companies have been forcedto put preservatives in just about everything. Make-up, eye drops, moisturisers - everything. mother in law was using a specially formulated low-allergy make-up (very expensive) and found she suddenly began reacting to it. She first noticed this reaction with a Vitamin E cream and so was saying she was allergic to Vitamin E. But I've seen her spill sesame oil on her skin and not get a reaction - sesame oil is a rich natural source of Vitamin E. So I have finally persuaded her to test the theory and I'm sure - her problem is preservatives, and the sudden onset of problems probably coincides with that company being forced to use preservatives. Interestingly, sis-in-law developed similarproblems with the same cosmetics at exactlty the same time.

    I first got contact lenses back in the 70s, when it was easy to get saline drops with nothing but saline in them. But when I recently went back to wearing contact lenses acouple of years ago, I had a horrible time trying to find drops I could use. My eyes were really sore so I went into a pharmacy to buy some soothing eye drops, and ALL of them were a problem. I couldn't work out whay my eyes were so sore when all I was doing was putting pure saline into them - until I found out that the "pure saline" had hidden preservative in it (not divulged on the pack).

    What I've had to do - I buy irrigation saline in plastic ampoules and use that as both eye drops and soaking solution. I rang the companies and asked their advice. Oone company sent me some soothing eye drops in individually-packed ampoules - very kind of them, except that even these cause problems andwhen I did some more digging, I found that they also had preservative - a different kind.

    Something else I do which the eye doctor told me was NOT a good idea - I make my own saline. We have triple-filtered water which I boil, then I add the correct amount of salt (I used to be a lab technician). The crazy thing is, it was perfectly acceptable to do this back in the 70s, but isn't now.

    I have to use the modern soaking chemicals to clean the lenses, I uses the least chemical of them (the hydrogen peroxide-boosted saline) but it still has prewservative in it, so before I put my lenses in, I rinse them thoroughly.

    And when my eyes are a bit dry, I'll either splash tap water in my face, or I'll use some preservative-free injection saline in my eye dropper. If the stuff is good enough to be injected, it's good enough to drip into my eyes.

    Seriously - I have no alternative but to be this fussy. Preservatives are EVERYWHERE! I am OK with cosmetics containing preservative, except if they get near my eyes. But I do make a lot of my own (saves money too) and have found that the best moisturiser for the eye area (for me) is vegetable oil - the sort you could use for cooking. If I'm cooking and get a drop of oil on my skin, I rub it in. I'll wipe my hands off on my arms, my legs or my face.

    I don't know if any of tis is helpful for you - I hope so.

    I hope your eye gets better soon.

  4. eekysign

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    Thanks, ladies! I called the eye doctor, they said it was actually a fairly common reaction, and not to worry unless it was still there in 24 hours - which I am happy to say it isn't! I have normal eyes, woohoo. That was a MESS though - a reminder that wearing contacts isn't like having my glasses on. I'm back to glasses today to let my eyes rest.

    I'm going to try to find normal saline, Marg, I've noticed the same problems as you with all the fancy-schmancy eye care products. You've inspired me to search harder for something more basic. Thanks.
  5. mstang67chic

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    There is also a "new" brand of contacts out that are supposed to help keep your eyes from drying as much. I forget what they are called but if you ask your doctor about them, he'll know. I had a pair briefly that my eye doctor gave me to tide me over till I could get in for my exam. I really could tell a difference in the moisture level in my eyes with them. But...they seem to be a bit thicker than my normal ones and I had difficulty getting them out. Everyone is different though so you may want to ask your doctor about them and maybe try a pair to see what you think.
  6. AnnieO

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    I have the new contacts - they are Acuvue Oasys - and you are right, they ARE thicker. The edges of the right eye keep catching on my eyelid, getting makeup under, then it itches... ARRRRRGGGHH

    But I can't afford more right now so I'll live!

    Eeky, if your eyes are sensitive I would suggest NOT getting the Oasys ones. If they're not sensitive, just allergic to pollen & stuff, then they'll be fine for you.
  7. Marguerite

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    Step, even the thicker lenses shouldn't cause these problems.

    I've been getting contact lenses for decades 9although there was a long gap for me when I didn't have them) and back when I was first getting fitted, it was at a univeristy clinic where optometry students were being trained. Back in those days (mid 70s) contact lesnes were much thicker and I remember one pair where tey rubbed on my lower lid especially. I had previously had lenses that were fine. I've had them since that were fine. I've since been told that that pair of lenses were too LOOSE and were slipping down my eyeball that tiny bit. If lenses were too tight, they could shave a little off the edge and tat would loosen them. But if tey were already too loose thye could do nothing. And because back then a single pair of contacts cost hundreds, they often wouldn't admit there was a problem.

    When I got me new lenses a couple of years ago, I took my old lenses in. I hadn't worn this particular pair - they were a replacement pair and I'd got them just as I fell pregnant with difficult child 3 and I've always had problems with lenses during pregnancy. It was very interesting comparing these lenses to the new ones. The 15 yo lenses were much thinner than the ones I wore in the 70s (but they didn't rub 15 years ago) but seemed twice as thick as mine are now. And I'm told my current lenses are thicker than others.

    So if your lenses are worrying you, it might not be the thickness, they simply could be too loose. And it really does irritate.

    With makeup - avoid eye make-up with "bits" in it, like mascara which lengthens lashes, or sparkly eyeshadow (they often use mica or ground up fish scales for te sparkle). And don't use eyeliner inside the lash line. It's not a good look anyway, because it makes your eyes look smaller. I used to do that (it was easier, and as the eyeliner 'moved' from the inner area to the lash line itself, it looked good) but I've since learned to put eyeliner right on te lash line, just outside. I was on a TV quiz show and the make-up ladies there told me off for the way I wore my eyeliner, then showed me how to do it right.

    Step, depending on how long you've had these lenses, I would go back to the bloke who made them and ask if they are maybe too loose (which should get you a replacement pair that fits better). Or get a second opinion on them, then go back to the first bloke.

    Lenses shouldn't be uncomfortable.