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    difficult child 1 has been trying really hard to be nice to his siblings. To the point he comes across as fake and it is grating on me. It sends my hypervigilance skyrocketing. The other kids are to young or to autistic to notice. They think it is wonderful.

    He hasn't been all peaches and cream though. difficult child 2 still came to me to tell me difficult child 1 was pretending to kill him. difficult child 1 has had to write several apologies to Elsie today as well. And he has taken all day to do his chores and they still aren't done yet. He keeps having to "help" his siblings with something or other.
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    I hate the fake niceness it always makes me wonder what she's done.

    And then I feel like a bad person for thinking that.
    Vicious cycle

    Deep breaths and chin up!
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    Any chance his medications got out of whack while with X? If so, it might take a week or more to get him back on an even keel...
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    That fake niceness grates on my nerves, too. And it's tough when the younger ones don't or can't see that. They just think it's great that he's being nice to them. Then they wonder what happened when he suddenly turns again. Very confusing for them.

    *ICD could be right about the medications, through. Does his father give them to him like he's supposed to?
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    difficult child 1 isn't hallucinating and he says he took his medications. I think he did take them. difficult child 1 is in charge of taking them. x just doesn't stop him. So even with all the verbal bashing of medications and the psychiatrist I think he did take them.

    difficult child 1 had an appointment with psychiatrist today. I told psychiatrist what has been coming out of difficult child 1's mouth since he got back. psychiatrist and difficult child 1 had a talk without me there. I'm not sure what psychiatrist said but difficult child 1 now feels better about the medications. psychiatrist is going to change them a little. Decrease seraquel to 300 mg and add abilify 5 mg.

    I think difficult child 1 is trying to fit together in his mind what x says and what he has to say at x's house with what actually his family here is like. It just doesn't mesh and it comes out as weird behavior.