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    I'm borrowing easy child's internet again. OMG am I going thru internet withdrawl bad now. I don't know how long it's actually been now....what a month?.........but it's starting to feel like an eternity. And you wouldn't believe how horribly I'm missing all of you. Been so many times that I've needed to come here and vent like crazy.....and well yeah, I can't so it just seems to make it all feel worse to the point where at times I don't think I'm thinking straight. Family is learning to NOT rub Mom the wrong way, it's likely to get their head ripped off and fed to them. lol They've come to appreciate their board family more than ever these days. ;)

    Travis and the college first. The boy is GOING!!! :D I broke one of my own cardinal rules to pull it off, but he will get to live his dream and now the rest is up to him. He was 8000.00 in the hole. husband and I had to apply for what they call a parental loan and be denied before FASFA would stretch to cover 4000.00 more of that. Thankfully we now have lousy credit and of course were denied. (cuz no way could we have made those monthly payments.) That put the boy in the hole for 4000.00. We tried everything and came up empty handed. Even had the yearly garage sale and were going to see if some of those funds could be directed that way. We made a lousy 20 bucks a piece after a whole weekend. When I say things are bad around here I'm not kidding.:faint:

    So, I broke a cardinal rule and had Travis call my Mom and inform her of the situation. I never Never NEVER have asked my mother for a penny my entire life. It's like dealing with the devil. Travis couldn't actually bring himself to ask her either but did inform her of the situation. I just got off the phone with her tonight. She's paying that 4000.00 with a cashier's check. No, not really generousity, not actually loaning the money either. Mom sold the house us kids grew up in. Kept the money in the bank for us to inhereit when she passes, split 5 ways. I'm the executor of this, not that I really want to be. Mom is taking part of my share and giving it to Travis for school.

    I'll find a way to cope with making a "deal with the devil". The point is the kid worked his tail off to make this happen, managed paperwork ect that bewilders ME........did it 99 percent on his own....and will get his chance to live his dream. I only hope he makes the most of it. easy child has been picking up school supplies for him. Nichole has been picking up household supplies like towels and sheets ect when she buys hers for her new apartment. Now all he has to worry about is eating......and I think between his sisters and us we can help him keep fed until he can get work study or a reg job.

    I'm so proud of him. :)

    Nichole is due to move out in about a week or so. She's been working at a candle factory as a temp. She has an inside track to being hired full time permanent although I'd rather she not use it. It's my best friend's psychotic ex.....and well, I'd rather she not "owe" the nut case any favors if you know what I mean. She has decided not to return to school. I am not at all happy with this decision but have kept my mouth shut. Her boyfriend is the main cause of this......nothing I can do about that. He's still saying he's going to move out with her. I'll still believe it when I see it.

    Meanwhile little Aubrey, as much as a love her, is becoming quite the lil difficult child in her own right. Do I think she has a disorder? Not really. Mostly lazy inconsistant parenting........the majority of that on boyfriend's part, which is currently being exacerbated because he's the main caregiver as Nichole is working up to 12 hrs a day, 6 days a week. They've already had one sitter dump her due to behavior. sigh Nichole and boyfriend are already fighting over parenting. Nichole wants Aubrey parented the way she was........boyfriend thinks it's all a big joke, like he does everything. blah

    Darrin started kindergarden this week. OMG can you believe it?? My lil school boy! :D He's not exactly thrilled about it. :rofl: Somehow I recall my kids being much happier about starting school. lol

    I wish I could say I'll be online soon. But right now........things are really bad here money wise. We tried to go with we're 2 blocks away from their service area, so that's a no go. (just our luck) And it's gonna take a while to pay off that 400.00 bill.

    mother in law was admitted to the psychiatric unit due to violence. She attacked the nursing home staff. The paranoia is getting progressively worse and seems to be mainly focused at them. Docs don't feel it's medication related, but rather anxiety based with probably some dementia thrown in to complicate things. I tend to agree. She's finally, after 2 wks, back at the nursing home..........I've already warned family that my gut tells me this won't be her only admit to the unit. Awful to have to watch her live out her worst nightmares. So very unfair to such a loving sweet kind soul.

    And the topper..............

    I may not be going to nursing school.

    Seems I've already got enough credit hrs for a degree. And FASFA doesn't want to give me more money. Back when I did my FASFA for this year they sent me a form for an appeal.........but the girls misunderstood and thought it had nothing to do with me so ignored it. Found out I was rejected when I got a bill for my textbooks. So I went to the school and filed the appeal. I had to change my major which will greatly reduce my funds. Not that I care as long as it covers the cost.

    The kicker is that the money has to be approved by sept 4th and I just filed the appeal last week. I have no idea how long it takes.......and if it's not done by the 4th I'm automatically dropped from the program.:anxious::(

    So pray very very hard. I nearly went right over the edge when they told me. I'm not sure I'll deal with working my **** off for 3 years, to get into the program......and suddenly have the goal yanked away from me.

    So........yeah. Been not so good here.

    Then we have Nichole comes in one morning........with 2 teeny baby kittens in pathetic shape. Seems she nearly ran them over with her car. Got out and discovered they were terribly sick and brought them home because she was afraid they would wind up run over. One passed away before we could get them to the vet. She paid 70 bucks for wormer, antibiotics, and eyedrops. (yes, money she needs to move) And we brought the surviving baby back from the brink of death with the medications, TLC, and kitten formula. Sweets, as she is known now, is now healthy and happy and plays with the kitten I came home from the gathering to. She did lose an eye to the infection but is otherwise fine. Nichole is trying to find her a forever home. She's about 5 weeks old now and uses the litter box like a pro.

    What can you say? Never a dull moment around here. Oh, and we have another outside cat adopt us. She hasn't been out on the streets long and is a female version of Bruce. We call her Honey and spend most of the day trying to keep her outside. lol as for the saved kitten, Nichole knows if she can't find a forever home for her, she takes the kitten with her. Period. Mom is not keeping her.

    So..........that's our news. I miss you guys so much it feels like I've had a limb amputated.

    Now I'll try to read thru some posts before easy child gets home.

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    Great update! Chockful of news. Thank you.
    I've got my fingers and every other body part crossed for your FAFSA approval for school. That would be super if you could continue.
    I'm so glad that Travis is going!!!! Sorry about the Deal With The Devil but so far, it's worth it, eh?
    Sorry about m-i-l and her progression. I hope they can find some miracle medication that she'll take consistently. I'm sure you're right about her returning to the psychiatric unit. It takes more than most nursing home staff are trained to deal with. Sigh.

    Doesn't sound like you have any control or influence over Aubrey. So sorry. I hope things improve there.

    Kittens--arrgh! I am such a softie, I would have spent the $ I didn't have, too!

    I know how you feel about the computer. But I'm glad you get to check in on Travis' computer now and then.

    Take care of yourself.
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    Lisa, it's great to hear from you! I think about you every time I visit your farm, hoping you're doing ok.

    Sorry things aren't improving for you. If I read it right, FAFSA says you should get a degree instead of nursing school? Could your nursing school be considered post grad work then? Glad Travis was able to get everything worked out, and sorry that Nichole's not going back. So sorry about mother in law. My grandma's worst fear was that her mind would go.

    Kittens...really? I understand though...that's how we ended up with the three toy panthers, who need to become "it" kitties instead of little boys. Except school hasn't started for me, so I'm not working...

    Many, many hugs and lots of good thoughts and good wishes sent your way. Hope you're able to get back online soon.
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    Hugs. I hope everything works out the way you want it to, it will work out the way it is supposed to anyhow. I really really hope you get into nursing school. One of us should, blast it all the heck!!! I did not so you should. End of story. I have missed reading your posts, and hope you are back more often soon.
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    Oh daisy...I just miss you so much. Maybe Aubrey is just going through the terrible threes. Keyana is showing some attitude now after a very calm babyhood. Just this weekend I remarked she is getting more like her daddy, her first answer is NO to every
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Daisy -

    Glad you made it home from the crossroads. It WILL be okay. ;)

    Way to go TRAVIS - wo wo wo! You rock Dude! Love Auntie Star.

    Nicole honey - I'm proud of you - kittens, candles and all.

    Aubrey - be good for Nana.

    Nana - Sending a nice bottle of aged Scotch. And a puppy. :tongue: sounds like you need a friend. mwah ha ha.

    I miss you too.

    Hurry back - the place just aint the same without you. :(
  7. timer lady

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    Daisy ~ appreciate the update. Haven't seen you around for a bit & missed the ongoing situation (sorry :916blusher:).

    Sending positive vibes that things get better sooner rather than later.
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    Just a couple of days ago you were on my mind cause I knew you hadn't been around in awhile. Thank you for the update. I hope things get better.

  9. Hound dog

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    Thanks everyone. :) I'm having dinner at easy child's tonite and snuck into the computer room. lol ;)

    Know that I'm thinking of you all constantly and you're in my prayers. We're attempting to get internet ect (fingers crossed) hopefully within the next couple of weeks. Depends. We're looking into going thru the cable co which I don't really like, but beggars can't be too darn picky. We can stick with them until we get the bill via the phone co paid off.

    I'll try to let you all know if my FASFA goes thru or not. Haven't heard yet. But if I don't hear by wednesday I was going to use the cell phone and call the college.
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    Daiseylover, I hope all works out and you can get your RN as planned. I rescued a kitten at the beach this weekend but I gave it to the neighbor who is running a catch and release program. She said she was going to bring it to the ASPCA today since it is small and fuzzy and very likely to be adopted but I have a sneaky suspicion that she didn't and will end up keeping it herself. Her current house cat is 22 years old. And when I last saw the neighbor she was just getting home fromt the vet with bottle and formula and litter.
  11. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    You've certainly had your hands full.

    I'm so sorry to hear about both mother in law and Nichole. Sigh....

    Very happy to hear about Travis! Way to go!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the FASFA will come through.

    I've missed you. Come back soon!
  12. AnnieO

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    Hey... I meant it at the gathering when I said Travis could call if he needed something since I am so close... If you want it, PM me and I'll give you my cell # for him.