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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by dstc_99, May 24, 2013.

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    I got a call from my brother last night and was surprised to find out that he has booked a four bedroom cabin for all of us (Me, husband,easy child, difficult child, Grands, Bro, and Bros girlfriend) for mid June. I was aware that my mom and he were discussing it and that we were invited but I never expected him to go ahead and book it prior to discussing it with me.

    First off how the heck does he know if we can afford to go we are moving in two months?

    Second we didn't even have the dates so how does he know we can come?

    Third he knows that mom, dad, difficult child, and I are basically barely speaking so why does he think this will work?

    If I wasn't so ****** I would feel a little sad for him because I know my mother and father are just pretending like everything is fine and ignoring the situation. He is stuck in the middle and he is a 100% ostrich when it comes to family issues. He doesn't want to be involved and generally stays as far from it as possible. He sounded miserable on the phone telling me about it and saying that he understood if we didn't want to come but that he would really like to see us and easy child before we moved. I am sure my mother is laying it on thick somewhere in the background.

    Atleast he made sure we didn't have to pay to stay before he rented. Apparantly my father and he had agreed to a set spending limit for the two families prior to renting but they were able to find a four bedroom for less than the limit so they went ahead and got it. So if we chose not to go they wouldn't be out anything more than they had already agreed to pay. I just hate that my family keeps putting me in the position of being an ******* by either ruining the "brady bunch" style vacation by not going or by being "petty" and staying elsewhere.

    Don't get me wrong I feel no obligation to go since I haven't agreed to anything and only agreed to discuss the situation a few days ago, but dang why do they keep doing this ****?

    Maybe since it is a four bedroom we can make it work but I have an odd feeling my anxiety is going to make this a miserable experience for me. First I have to talk to husband and see if we can do it at all considering I would have to take leave without pay and we have to move a month later.
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    If you won't have fun, don't go. Period. Think of yourself first!
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    To me, you don't even have to "ask" husband... that alone is enough of an answer.
    You have to take leave without pay to attend a vacation that is not even in your best interests to begin with?
    It's not even a reasonable request, in my opinion.
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    It is one of my favorite places to visit
    so I would have fun away from the house just not sure if I would have fun while with the grands and difficult child.

    The leave without pay would suck but I will have to take leave without pay a fefew weeks later due to the federal hiring freeze. Basically the army moves husband and I lose my job. Pretty much the norm for an Army
    wive. My career has yet to matter.