Fantastic birthday...thank you very much!!!

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    Today was great. My babe sent me roses and lily's to my work where they did not know it was my b-day but then bought me lunch. I came home and my babe bought me a new alarm clock (mine was acting funny but I felt guilty about buying one since there was one on the other side of the bed) and the new Cheech and Chong movie and a vampire movie (I am a huge vamp buff)then we went to dinner where my two nephews met us (my sister in law did not go --she has ms and was having a bad day :() she had bought me a pass for aqua fitness that we have been going to together :D
    difficult child called for b-day wishes and told me that he got his level 3 today !!!Yeah!!! Great thing is that I got to talk to all of the kids today! Bio called and we talked for a long time (FYI--she got the job). Oldest son text first thing this morning but I was at work then after he got off we text back and forth for a good 45 minutes (made me feel good he is back to calling me mom and really trying hard to fix our relationship. Oldest daughter text. Spoke to both of my parents.
    Then youngest sister text and said that the past is the past and wants to mend the fences. We have been on the outs for sooo long --could not begin to tell you why. I am willing to try but on guard.
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    What an excellent birthday you had! Good for you and....Happy Birthday!!!
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    Awesome day!!!

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    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday DEAR MOOooooooooGGGGGGGG!
    Happy Birthday To YOU!!!!!!!!! :you_go_girl::flowers::cutie_pie:
    (this message is Not late...)