Farting Puppy.....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by amazeofgrace, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. amazeofgrace

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    any suggetsions, LOL, he's quite the gas bag!:confused:
  2. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Do you have him on canned food or dry?

    Canned food makes my dogs gassy as heck. phew! Especially Molly.

    Maybe his food isn't agreeing with him?
  3. amazeofgrace

    amazeofgrace New Member

    he's on a 1/4 pound of deli fresh (refridgerated log soft food) mixed with a 1/2 cup of buffulo blue dry food, once a day.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    How long have you had him?

    Did you get a gallon of water from the breeder to mix with yours?

    If you feed food with gravy ie: canned etc - you can assure yourself of foul air. He's not used to it.

    Dietary changes in food, water can cause flatulence.

    Change in household can do it also. Stress - etc.

    If he is really farty - you can try charcoal for dogs. It helps.

    Watch his stool - keep a can of packed pumpkin in the cupboard - feed if diarrahea. Get some Kaopectate also.

    If you want to try to help his gas? Boil some hamburger and add some boiled rice. Feed when cool.

    The rice fills them up, the meat gives them protien and the mix helps with gas and diarrahea. IF he has that.

    Also - NO rawhides that he eats and swallows. Those are not good for young tummys.
  5. Marcie Mac

    Marcie Mac Just Plain Ole Tired

    Anytime I change what the dogs eat (read that as what ever is on sale for the day) they do the same thing.

    If you think that teeny little thing can clear a room, try 3 hundred pound dogs, who only seem to do it at night, and always are under the covers when they let a few loose.

    And of course, SO always has to make the comment "Is that you or the dogs"..

  6. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    What kind of a dog is it? Some of the smooshy faced dogs (like Bostons ;) and bull dogs) are notorious little farters because the way their mouths are constructed, they swallow a lot of air when they eat ... and it's gotta go somewhere!

    A change in food may have done it too. Does he have diarrahea too? It sounds like the food may be too rich for him, that he's not digesting it well. You're feeding him really good food, but it may be too much, too 'adult', for a young puppy. There's some really good quality puppy foods out there but you may have to go to an independent pet supply store to find them. Check on www.dogfoodanalysis.com. No one food is right for every dog. You may have to experiment to find one that he tolerates well, just make sure that you do any change-over very gradually.

    Star is right about the rice. Mine get Merrick dog food, which is really good food, but I top it with a little cooked ground beef, rice and green beans. Without the rice, they all get a little 'soft' in the potty department. A spoonful of plain canned pumpkin (NOT the pie filling) will help firm them up too. Plain boiled chicken and rice is also good for upset tummies.

    I have Bostons, and they can be the gassiest little dogs on the planet :sick: if their food doesn't agree with them, and even sometimes if it does - they're cute little black & white fart factories! And I mean the eye-watering, sinus searing, room clearing kind of farts! A little trick - feed them some yogurt! Not the flavored kind, get the plain unflavored yogurt, and put a tablespoonful or more in their food every day. It really does work and cut down on the gas. If it doesn't, you're not giving them enough.
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  7. amazeofgrace

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    well he's a pure bichon frise (20.5 pounds), we adopted him, he's a little over a year as far as the vet can tell. He was found wandering the streets of NY on thanksgiving weekend. His chip was not registered. You can tell he's had some training. The foster mom however had wall to wall pee pee pads, so if he had been housebroken it was undone, as he was able to pee and poop anywhere in her house, I'm not too happy about that part! He does not have diarehhea, just gas, thankfully

    The foster mom also was feeding him the deli fresh and buffulo blue stuff, of course they are both mucho money! But I bought them to try and make his transition smoother. H2O wise, we have well water, I had watched her filling their dish straight from her tap.

    thank you on the rawhide tip, he just devoured on today and gagged down the last little pieces of kit, b4 I could grab it. Maybe that's it. The deli fresh looks like liverwurst with chunks of veggies in it, had to tell my Dad he could not use it to make a sandwich, LOL!
  8. amazeofgrace

    amazeofgrace New Member

    ps: I will try the yogurt and have pumpkin on hand for emergencies
  9. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    You really should look up the dog food on that dog food analysis website. They also have a cat variety. It makes a HUGE difference.

    also google to see if any food included cause gas in dogs. That can be helpful.

    This post brings back memories. My bro and his dog (half lab half irish setter) would settle down to watch tv in the den at my folks when he was in college. he would have his head on Friday's tummy. Of COURSE they didn't get up in the night to move to his room, so in the am we would open the kitchen door, and the den door closest to the kitchen and use a fan to blow the stink out!

    They were BOTH very stinky. But HOW he could sleep all night with his head less than a foot from the farting end of the dog mystifies us to this day, LOL!!!

    I hope you can get it figured out. I know right now my cats are less odorous and seem cheerier on Taste Of The Wild food. I get it at the feed mill.

    My aunt (used to work for a vet and still fills in as needed) recommends the Chicken Soup for the Soul brand dog food. It is fairly well ranked in the analysis link also!

    Auntie says her dogs are MUCH less stinky on that food.
  10. Abbey

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    Now I don't want a dog. Two farting things in the house would put me over the edge.:surprise:

  11. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    There is obviously something in one of the two foods he's getting that isn't agreeing with him. Some dogs with food sensitivities do wonderfully on the raw diet (the Deli Fresh) and some don't. There may be something in there that he can't digest or that he's sensitive to. And the raw foods are very expensive and sometimes hard to get. It may be too rich for him. I would try discontinuing that first and see how he does (but giving him a spoonful of yogurt daily) with the dry food.

    If that doesn't work, I would try some other dry foods, but change over very gradually, mixing the two, with more and more of the new food each day, over about two weeks. Blue Buffalo is great food but it doesn't agree with all dogs. I can only attest to the ones I have used personally, but Wellness and Merrick are both wonderful premium foods. The Wellness comes in several different blends with various protein sources, including Lamb & Rice for sensitive stomachs. Mine were on the Wellness for a long time and they did great on it ... I only stopped feeding it when the pet supply store had trouble getting it. I switched them to Merrick and they have been on several different varieties and loved them all. The varieties are all basically the same formula but with different protein sources. There's no artificial flavors or colors, no corn or wheat (lots of dogs are allergic to them), no allergens of any kind, just good stuff with tiny bits of dried fruits and veggies. (My Katy likes to take out one of the dried peas and she'll carry it around in her mouth for hours, playing with it). If you add warm water, Merrick makes kind of a gravy that they like, but they like it dry too. And it has wonderful names - the chicken flavor is called "Grammys Pot Pie" and the beef is "Cowboy Cookout"! It's really not that expensive. I pay about $35 for a 30 pound bag that lasts my three dogs almost a month so that's not too bad. A lot of people swear by Orijen too but I've never tried it - can't get it here.

    No one food does well for every dog. You may have to experiment a lot to find the best one for him. Most of them come in smaller size bags too so you can try them out. And most of the stores will take back the unused portion if it doesn't agree with them or if they won't eat it. Good luck!
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  12. Steely

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    Oh........oh a farting puppy, what a joy:faint:

    You know, I never owned a dog with gas, until I adopted my third one. He is a complete mix, so I have no clue what breed (chow, sheperd, terrier, lab - all mixed with ????)

    Anyway, a food change will do it.
    But furthermore, my little runt likes to grub around in the yard and eat rotten pecans and acorns that fall off the trees. Last year, I think I even posted about it, because I could not stop him from eating the pecans on the ground.
    Now that is a nasty blast of air!!!

    Anyway. Just keep the food consistent, not too much change, yogurt - but regardless some dogs are just gas bags.:ashamed:
  13. trinityroyal

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    AOG, I've never owned a dog so I have no idea what to do about Puppy Le Gasbag.

    Your post makes me imagine the cute little puppy in your picture levitating and propelling himself around the room, using nothing but his own...erm...hot air.

    Going quietly to the corner now...
  14. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Something else I forgot ... PLEASE don't give him rawhide chews! They can be extremely dangerous and they can choke on them before you even know anything's wrong! My Ragan almost did that, and it still scares me to think about it!

    I never let them have them unsupervised because they would chew on them till they were gummy and then try to swallow the big pieces. I had let her have one that was one long strip of rawhide that had knots on either end to make a bone shape. It was a fairly new one and while I was watching TV she was just a few feet away from me chewing on the thing. I heard these weird little noises coming out of her like she was choking but I didn't see anything. I pried her mouth open and saw about an inch of rawhide sticking out of her throat into her mouth. I grabbed it and pulled, and it just kept coming and coming ...! She had tried to swallow the whole thing! Just that quick that little booger had managed to get both ends untied, chewed it up a bit and then tried to swallow it whole! One end had been all the way down in her stomach and the last inch of the other end was sticking out in her mouth - and it was completely blocking her airway so that she couldn't breathe! If it had been an inch shorter, I wouldn't have been able to grab hold of it and she would have died! Scared me silly!

    That was absolutely the LAST TIME any of them ever had anything made out of rawhide! Never again!
  15. amazeofgrace

    amazeofgrace New Member

    donna723: eeks that is scarey, so do you feel the nylabones are safe?
  16. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    We got our little Bichon last Spring. She will be 1 yr old on Jan 31st (or Feb 1st - I forget which date non-easy child diva choose). I don't know that she has this problem - atleast not when she is around me. Non-easy child diva has only fed her dry dog food (purina puppy chow). She does get treats from time to time and chew EVERYTHING so hard to tell what else she gets. I think she has a vulture inside her - little garbage scavanger! She loves stuffed animals - tears them apart starting with the eyes.

    We think she will not get much bigger than 13 - 16 lbs. (I can hope anyway?)

    Does your puppy play catch with himself? Bella throws a sock in the air, looks for it, and throws it again. So fun to watch. She also plays tag with difficult child.

    Our puppy has also started to hide her treasures. If she finds something she knows she is not suppose to have, she tries to hide it from us.
  17. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    AOG, I have never given mine nylabones but I know a lot of people that do. They always looked to me like they would get little sharp places on them from where they've chewed on them that might cut their mouth. But then mine are very determined chewers with extremely powerful jaws. I was always told not to ever give them those 'Greenie' things either because they say they can splinter and cut their throat when they swallow the pieces ... but then our vet sells the things in his office, so who really knows!

    I would never give mine any kind of chew toy to play with unsupervised because they tear everything up so quickly and swallowing a piece of a plastic toy could be very bad news.
  18. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Yep, you have to be careful with stuffed animals. Puppy could choke on the little plastic eyes that are the first things they want to chew off. A friend told me that her small dog also goes for the eyes first.

    My puppy also likes to chew pens/pencils, tubes of anything, plastic bottles, plastic cups, ect. ect.

    Gotta keep a close eye on anything that is being chewed to take away ASAP if need be.
  19. amazeofgrace

    amazeofgrace New Member

    my lil guy loves his soccer woobie, he kicks it and throws it around all by himself and plays "tough dog" running back and forth barking like a nut!
  20. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    OK, I just couldn't resist this! If you want to see some STRONG jaws, capable of destroying any toy ever made, check this out!


    If I posted the right link, this is the very cooperative Ms. Katy proudly displaying her massive, powerful jaws of death - capable of gnawing a telephone pole off at the ground in five minutes or less! She is the ultimate "tough chewer" and no toy is safe when she's around. It's a good thing she's is also the friendliest dog on the planet or we'd all be in big trouble! If you look closely, those are her bottom teeth showing right along the edges of her tongue. All the rest on the sides of that big mouth is huge jaw muscles! When that mouth clamps shut you WILL NOT get it open if she doesn't want you to!

    An incidently, she is NOT a pink dog with bloodshot eyes like she looks in this picture. The flash was giving her "zombie eyes" so I put my finger over the flash and she came out looking pink!