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    I work across the street from the library. I will make that trip across the street.

    From the article:

    White matter, long thought to be passive tissue, actively affects how the brain learns and dysfunctions.

    Although gray matter (composed of neurons) does the brain's thinking and calculating, white matter (composed of myelin-coated axons) controls the signals that neurons share, coordinating how well brain regions work together.

    A new type of magnetic resonance technology, called diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), has for the first time shown white matter in action, revealing its underappreciated role.

    Myelin is only partially formed at birth and gradually develops in different regions throughout our 20s. The timing of growth and degree of completion can affect learning, self-control (and why teenagers may lack it), and mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, autism and even pathological lying.

    From Wiki: "Heavy metal poisoning may also lead to demyelination. Even very small amounts of mercury have been shown to be particularly destructive to nerve sheaths.[3]"

    Is there a connection between the Thimerosal that was in vaccines and the neurobiological problems we see in our kids? If heavy metals can destroy myelin, couldn't it cause damage to developing myelin?
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    Ohh, I like this. Thank you!
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    thank you fro posting this, my son has heterotopia, and at the moment I cannot remember if he has gray matter where he should have white or vice versa, but, I am now wondering how this works for him, specifically.