Father's day ideas???

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Kjs

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    didn't realize Fathers Day is coming up. Any idea's? husband does nothing. Works and takes difficult child everywhere. No electronics. Doesn't golf. Or play any games. Doesn't go anywhere. doesn't fix anything (I pray he will soon) He does clean the house, laundry, grocery shop, cut the lawn. Bring difficult child to practices, games and where ever else he wants to go. Plays ball with difficult child. Takes dogs to park. He has his favorite football team, but that is what he always gets..t-shirts, or gas card for the station he stops at before work everyday.(gets paper and drink)

    What is everyone else doing?
  2. busywend

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    How about a GPS? He may have trouble finding a game someday and you could save the day!
  3. kris

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    <span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #006600"> cook his favorite meal/dessert or take him out to his favorite restaurant?

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  4. hearts and roses

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    We are getting my H the rotisserie attachment for his grill that we bought him last year. He loves his grill. We will likely have steaks and taters and salad for dinner - his favorite meal when grilling.

    difficult child and easy child will probably get thier dad a gift card for Dicks. It has a little of everything so he can buy himself clothes or sports stuff - he's an avid hunter.

    I like the favorite dinner/dessert idea the best. Or, perhaps a day to do nothing. Does he have a nice lounge chair or hammock? Kohls is having a great sale on them this week and Target also!
  5. DammitJanet

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    Since your husband and difficult child are so close...how bout matching fishing poles for them so they can go fishing together this summer?
  6. Big Bad Kitty

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    See, I was thinking of getting my DEX a vasectomy.

    Pixie is my second daughter, but she is his SEVENTH kid. Out of eight.

    Might be cheaper if I just kick him in the balls.
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  8. Kjs

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    All good idea's. BBK - lol. This is his only child and he was 43 when he was born. (he IS older than me) He would never think of taking a nap or just sitting there. Wish he would paint the soffet(sp?) that is peeling, or fix the paint that is peeling around the windows. Maybe fix the garage door that I have asked him to do for 12 years. Maybe fix one of the three house doors that are BROKE. Paint the house, paint the garage. House has old siding on it, garage has no siding so some boards need to be replaced. Lights haven't worked in the garage for a year. Basement lights are flourescent and half don't go on.

    I do the finances, the school, the doctors, most big grocery shopping lists. I need to kick him in the :censored2: before our house falls apart. But, many neighbors husbands to not cook, clean, laundry. I clean much better, but he does get things ok. He does NOT do bathrooms.
    He is always looking busy. doesn't go anywhere unless it is with difficult child. Doesn't do anything unless it is with difficult child. No idea how to even turn the computer on. I like many of those ideas for ME.
  9. 1905

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    You could gather some pictures together of difficult child and husband,( make a pretty scrapbook page in a frame), get nice paper, add a lovely saying somewhere, glue on ribbon to the backround if you want, frame it. (First get the frame) I had a friend do this for me. I can't wait to give Occupational Therapist (OT) to him. It will hang on the wall, it's so beautiful. The saying can be anything pertaining to fatherhood, life in general.....etc.Use colors matching your decor.-Alyssa
  10. tinamarie1

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    I usually plan a get away to do something husband really likes (and i suffer through..lol). Mine loves baseball, and so we have taken a weekend before and driven to Dallas to see the Rangers, go out to eat and spend the nite there. We have also stayed here in town and went to see our little farm team play and go to a steak house.
    I bought my father in law (husband's step dad) a cute shirt today at Penneys, it says
    "Friends don't let friends drive red tractors"
    ~~ John Deere
    They have a huge farm and he loves his john deere. My other father inlaw (the real dad)...ugh you could wrap up the cure for cancer and he would just sigh and say, "ughhh what am i supposed to do with this?" he is so hard to please. Therefore he gets a restaurant gift card every year.
  11. Kjs

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    My husband is from Pittsburgh. He is a loyal Pittsburgh sports fan. Although he routes for MY teams (I love sports), his heart is in Pittsburgh. I would love to send him back to visit friends. I would love to send him to Canada to visit a brother he hasn't seen in 40 years. Only had 1 contact with bro in two years. AND that was to ask for money, which we don't have. Bro never called back. (never asked how my husband was, never asked how his only nephew was.. only money. Which we had done before with the promise he would pay back). However money is an issue.

    Alyssa - I am not a crafty person. I have a hard time in a color book!
  12. kris

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    <span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #339999"> just decided that since husband enjoys watching the race on sundays with-his buds that i'm going to make a breakfast casserole instead of dinner....now just have to narrow it down to one casserole as i found a lot on all recipe (my favorite recipe site).

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  13. Kjs

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    I love the breakfast tator tot casserole.
  14. HereWeGoAgain

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    There's nothing wrong with doing what you always do. It sounds like he's set in his ways so that may be the best (and easiest) option. Or you could quit nagging about one of those 12yo honey-dos and just DIY or hire it done -- let's face it, he'd rather do housework and dishes than tackle those chores and that just isn't going to change. Tell him you appreciate what he does around the house -- which, by the way, if you'll forgive my saying so, sounds like quite a bit, actually.

    I also like DJ's idea of matching fishing poles or some such thing that he and difficult child could use together. Tinamarie's idea is good too, especially since you also like sports, but it's not football season -- does he like baseball too? Going to a local minor-league game is usually a great day out and not too expensive.

    (Me, I'd take that GPS in a heartbeat. Unlike your husband, I love electronic gadgets. I even sit down and read the whole manual, cover to cover, to make sure I know how to use all the bells and whistles.)
  15. Kjs

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    Mine loves baseball too, but he wouldn't take the time to go. We do go see the Brewers, but he only goes because difficult child wants to.
    However, When the Packers are playing the Steelers...(my family has season tickets for Packers) I ask for those tickets. Then we take a trip home and he REALLY enjoys that game. Me too...cause we usually win. I talked to him tonight, and because of our financial situation, he said he just wants to go out to eat. That will work. I just feel that isn't anything special..from difficult child or easy child. easy child will (always does) get him a gas card. difficult child will probably get him a couple packs of sports cards. husband collects them. We have a MILLION of them. No kidding. An entire room. this is something that all three of them enjoy. He has put together certain collections for each boy. difficult child will sometimes spend days going through the cards, reading each one. (AND he remembers that all) So easy child sometimes will call and ask difficult child who went to what college, who drafted them, what their average is..etc. sorry babbling.