Father's Day

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  1. I am soooooooooo grateful for the awesome Daddy my husband has been to our children.

    I'm grateful for our one child who recognizes how blessed she is.

    I'm praying for the ungrateful adoptees who are breaking his heart.

    All this wouldn't hurt so much if we could find the "off" switch for caring about those kids.

    I'm grateful there is so much information about Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) Reactive Attachment Disorder out there to help us not take their hateful behavior towards us personally!

    I'm grateful this site and it's members are "here" when I feel like I need to vent!

    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the amazing Dads who have been and continue to be active, involved, generous, loving and caring to their difficult child children whose "conditions" prevent them from being appreciative for the amazing dad's they have.

    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the amazing Mom's out there who have had to perform double duty in the parenting department!

    I'm sending love and appreciation in your direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you feel it?

  2. Nomad

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    I was not fortunate to have a good father.
    difficult child is.
    YET, she doesn't 'get' it.
    Today, husband wouldn't do something for her. I planned a nice dinner out. I bought difficult child a shirt to wear and got a card for her to give husband. Normally, I would NOT NOT NOT do these things, but I am rushed this weekend AND it is for husband NOT for difficult child.
    Well, today, again husband would not do something for her. So, she texted him and said she wasn't coming to dinner on Sunday. Said this was his 'punishment." OMG....how pathetic.
    I feel bad for husband. HOWEVER, I told him I would love to go to dinner with- him...with "you." He is delighted. Half the time, when she attends functions...its just drama anyway.
    Just the two of us (our son lives four hours away and wont be home).
    difficult child is clueless....difficult child is adopted. Maybe some Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) there.
    IT's all so unfortunate.
    However, I for one, am WELL AWARE of all that my husband has done and I am happy and proud to honor him on his special day.
    Happy Father's Day to my husband and all the good dads of children and a extra hug for Dads of difficult children.
  3. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    It's good to remember the good men in our lives. husband is a gift to me and to my son's even if they don't realize it as much as they will someday.
    I try to honor him on this day because I appreciate his sacrifice. The boys are appreciative as they get older.
  4. hearts and roses

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    This year fathers day was really great because our adult daughters both independently thought about their dads, bio and my H. difficult child chose a card that went on about all the grief she put a dad through and when she showed me I asked which dad was getting that card and she said, "well dad didn't really have to go through all that much, but P (my h) sure did." and then she went on to say some really nice things such as how he has been good to her and even at her worst she knew he loved and cared for her.

    And easy child wrote a beautiful message in her card to H. It really touched his heart and I'm so grateful that both girls can be so expressive with, especially in a nice way.

    I am making h a pineapple upside down cake, his favorite and all he seems to care about. Lol. And I bought him his favorite steak for dinner.

    Happy dads day everyone!
  5. Suz

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    Yes, Happy Father's Day to the dads out there. I was so lucky to have a great Dad and always enjoyed these special days with my parents.

    This is Rob's first Father's Day and he will bring his family here. I'm going to take all of us out to dinner. I'm happy to see them as it's been awhile yet I admit I'm interested to hear why he's not honoring HIS Dad today...or Heather, HER Dad. Maybe there is a good reason? or maybe they already did?

  6. Nomad

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    A little update...
    I texted difficult child yesterday and said little, but I guess much. Used few words and even less energy.
    Basically said I said I was disappointed to hear of how she treated her father and in my humble opinion he deserved better + an apology.
    She called husband and said she was sorry. She decided to "grace her father with- her presense." (Oh brother).
    The best part of it all...husband and I really didn't care either way. I like for there to be a lesson in these things for difficult child. I hope she learns from experience. I hope she figures out that there is a right and wrong way to behave. I hope she figures out that her father deserves respect.
    Who knows.
    What was nice is that NEITHER husband nor myself worried, fretted or concerned ourselves with it. If she came to dinner, that would be nice. If she did not, that would also be nice. husband and would/will go to dinner either way.
    It was simple...in this case, no conversation was required.
    Should go well. If she says or does anything inappropriate between now and dinner time...I assure you, I can 'uninvite her' in a heartbeat.