Favorite gift from husband/wife or SO?

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    <span style="color: #660000">What is your favorite gift :christmasgift:ever received from your spouse or partner? Of all time?

    Mine is tied. One year H bought me piano lessons. I had been saying for a few months that I wanted to take piano lessons and H would always snicker. But on Christmas morning there was an envelope on the tree and when I opened it, there was a gift certificate to the local music store for 8 lessons of piano :mistletoe:. I actually cried. H's brother was there and I think he was shocked by my crying as well as by the gift. I could see him thinking, "Whoa, way too much emotions in this house for me to handle!" H's family is very traditionally subdued in their emotions, except when they're debating some inane topic like how clouds form. :rolleyes:

    And the other gift was 2 Christmases ago when H surprised us with 4 tickets to see Wicked in NYC! THAT was an awesome gift that I had wished for but never EVER thought H would get :santa:. So, we all went to NYC in February to see Wicked - we had dinner out and walked around. It was the BEST. That time I didn't cry, I just screamed! Thankfully, no one from H's family was there - they may have called in the whitecoats. Haha~

    So, what was your favorite or best gift?</span>
  2. DammitJanet

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    This is an ongoing argument in our family about gifts.

    My theory is that I dont really care what I get for a gift. I dont need or want anything at Xmas to be honest. Im not really a material person and we havent been able to afford much over the years so what money we have had I wanted to spend on the kids.

    husband swears that I have hurt his feelings when he has attempted to get me a gift but I cant honestly remember but a few gifts he has given me! He says this is why he wont do it...lol.

    I now want something really special but its for our 25th anniversary not Xmas. I want an anniversary "forever" band. I never have worn any type of ring in all these years.

    Supposedly when we first got together he got me a wedding band that cost $75. I vaguely remember it but it didnt fit me long and I put it in my moms safety deposit box and that got lost over the years. The only other two pieces of jewelry he ever got me were a mothers ring that he got at a rock show at a convention center that was just plain ugly and had rocks instead of even fake stones and a $30 tennis bracelet that I really liked but it broke after I wore it daily to work for about 3 months.

    I dont think its too much to ask for a 1 carat forever ring after 25 years. He thinks I am being too material. I have told him for 5 years now that I want it on the 25th.

    He wants to know what he will get. He thinks if he gets me this, I should get him a boat! I dont think so! He thinks its unfair that women expect jewelry and such for gifts and men have to comply. I said all men have to do is think about their mates. Im really not that hard.

    Obviously we have been discussing this one...lol. Loudly.
  3. hearts and roses

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    Janet, being a woman, and a wife, I may seem a little biased, but I agree with you 100%. Anniversaries, in my opinion and in my experience, are much more about the woman than they are about the man. I know that sounds skewed, but 'typically' men couldn't care less about celebrating the anniversary with little more than some romance in the bedroom and perhaps their favorite meal and a pie. Women, on the other hand, do tend to lean towards something a little more special such as a nice peice of jewelry, a dinner out, perhaps tickets to a show, etc. **Remember, I said TYPICALLY - that doesn't mean always. There are the exceptions of course.

    When H and I got married, we picked up some under $100 gold bands for one another. We had an at home wedding in my sisters lovely gardens and we just needed "a" ring. One Christmas a few years later he bought me a diamond band, which I absolutely love. Even when I'm mad at him and don't want to wear my wedding band, I wear it because I love it so! If I don't wear it, I will carry it with me. Haha - I know that sounds weird. Anyway, Since then, I have always wanted an engagement ring to match the band. It does not have to be an elaborate huge diamond, but I'd like it to at least match the diamonds in the band. It would not be that expensive - I've priced them out. Well, guess what? H says I am being materialistic and wants to know when I got like that? I have even considered getting myself a ring!

    I don't think you should do that Janet! But maybe you could shop around for what you like and cut out or print out the ads showing the ring and it's qualities and cost? After all, your ring, unlike his boat, won't cost in the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, will it? I think he's being unreasonable. Totally. I hope you get your ring. When is your anniversary?
  4. DammitJanet

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    July. And I have been printing or cutting out the ads for the last 5 years...lol.

    The ring is somewhere in the price range of 1K. Considering I have never had any other ring really I dont think its out of the question money wise. He could have been putting it on layaway for quite awhile now.

    When he asks what he gets...I tell him he gets me for the next 25 years...lmao. If I dont get that ring, I wont be here. How is that for an answer!
  5. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    You know what's funny is I never wore jewelry until I met husband... He bought me jewelry. He wanted to get married, He said we had to do the rings and all of that!!! He is so cute about all of that stuff. Even now he says that he should get me a bigger ring. I tell him No way... I love what he picked out and that is it!!!
    He gets so mad at me because I take off my rings to wash the dishes etc, and forget to put them back on...He will say "Oh you waiting for your boyfriend to show up"

    I don't have a favorite present, I think the fact that he thinks about what he is going to buy me... and does things like calls my girlfriend up and asks her what I want. I like that.
    This past birthday was really good, He bought me the "Bean" necklace, The Replica of Millennium Park in Chicago... which I love it is Beautiful and simple. Looks just like a little sliver squished heart... it wasn't very much. Just simple and pretty. But he listened and surprised me.

    We decided we are getting each other Tattoos for Christmas... but we are waiting until we can afford them. So I want to get them from this guy here in Spokane so I have one from here before we move... My others are from Idaho, this will be from Spokane... So romantic!!!
  6. meowbunny

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    My ex truly stunk at giving gifts. One year, he got me these elaborate old-lady style housedresses -- satin, colorful, long. I wear wools and cottons, dark and short.

    We are polar opposite politically. I'm a diehard liberal. He's a true blue Republican. My political hero is Adlai Stevenson. To this day I cannot understand how Eisenhower could have been remotely considered to be in his class, let alone defeat him. Anyway, one Christmas there was one gift under the tree for me. When I opened, I sad and bawled for almost an hour. Poor guy had no idea what he'd done wrong this time. He had tried so hard. The gift was an autographed copy of Stevenson's speeches that he'd found in a used book store. It is truly a gift I will treasure for the rest of my life.
  7. HereWeGoAgain

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    I am observing this thread closely.

    One question: what the heck is wrong with a boat? It's a whole lot more useful than a ring.

    JUST KIDDING! [ducks and runs for cover]
  8. Lothlorien

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    husband made me a jewelry armoire by hand one year. He made it to match the furniture that he bought for his bedroom, because one day we'd be married and it needed to match. It took him months and months to make it....dovetail joints and all.
  9. hearts and roses

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    MB - that is awesome!

    I had a boyfriend a million years ago who always bought me the most awesome gift - he just always knew the perfect gift to get me on any occasion. Exh was also a good gift giver, when he gave them and wasn't off spending our money on pot and crack....but I digress. Haha.

    Oh Loth, that armoire sounds lovely! I would like to add that H made me flower boxes for our first anniversary and he built me a privacy fence around the brick patio he laid down for me for our 5th anniversary. He's a good guy. I planted his favorite tree (Maple) for our 1st anniversary.

    HWGA - listen up. Haha - My H TWICE bought a boat without ever discussing it with me!!
  10. HereWeGoAgain

    HereWeGoAgain Grandpa

    OK, so far we have:

    - Piano lessons
    - Tickets to Broadway show (specifically, "Wicked")
    - diamond ring
    - hand-made flower boxes
    - brick patio
    - privacy fence (Jo's H is a hard worker, obviously)

    Dammit Janet
    - No favorite (but agitating for anniversary "forever band")

    - No favorite ("It's the thought that counts" - sure it is. :smile: )
    - Millenium Bean necklace
    - Tattoo (future)

    - Autographed copy of the speeches of Adlai Stevenson (this has to qualify as "most unique")

    - Hand-made jewelry armoire
  11. mrscatinthehat

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    I have to say there are a couple of things here. The first Christmas Eve husband and I were together he called my step-dad and asked for my hand in marriage (so romantic) after he had gotten permission from the kids (was he crazy or what) then he knelt down in front of me and handed me this little box. It was a diamond ring. Not too big, not too small (I had indicated what I wanted one day and he remembered bless his heart). That was an amazing gift and done in such the right way.

    The following year everyone said no way he could top it. Guess what I had been nagging him to set a date (duh almost a year). He tells me on the 14th of Dec that he wants to get married on the 21st. I ask of what month. He says this one (yes I about fell on the ground). So that year we got married 4 days before Christmas.

    Since then not many gifts have been given. Although one thing he does is bring flowers home once in a while (and not because of a fight or because he does something wrong) just because he loves me.

    The other thing is he doesn't pick fights on the holidays or birthdays (this is something very traumatic from my past because both my exh's did this). That is probably one of the best gifts.

    This year as we celebrate year 4 and Christmas we will not exchange gifts as it isn't an option but I do know I can count on a card and his love.

  12. hearts and roses

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    Beth, I used to call H 'Captain Romance'...hahahaha...sounds like you're married to another 'Captain Romance'. He is quite the guy~
  13. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    I have 2. And neither one were Christmas gifts. My best Christmas gift from Matt was a job box for my pick-up. Another year is was a new set of tires for the same pick-up.


    But he was not all bad. On time in the spring, when we were driving the semi, he went out on a run by himself because Copper was sick so I stayed with her at my mom's place. He ended up with extra freight at the end of his run. He got our sister in law to help him set out 88 dozen (EIGHTY EIGHT DOZEN) roses in vases throughout the apartment for me. There were rose petals all over the floor & the bed too. Now that was a gift.

    And the day Tink was born, he gave me a tanzanite ring. It is beautiful. And it will go to Tink.
  14. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Hey Mister HWGA... What is your Point... Don't Make me come through my computer and drop your #*%&...
    It is the thought...
    and I will have you know that husband did by a boat... I was fine with it... Mhmmmm. and the house we are living in right now he came and looked at and decided he liked, called me and said what do you think? Sent me the e-mail, I said I trust you... He bought it...

    I'll have you know that one of my all time favorite gifts from him is my Rice cooker!!! I just didn't think that sounded so romantic... I use it a couple times a week... I love it. He picked it out all by himself and I was so excited when I opened that gift up!!! THat was about 4 years ago...
    Not jewelry.... I would take a good set of Knives or Pans over a ring or Bauble... any day!!!

    It is the thought... What is your best gift? HWGA???? Huh? Huh?
  15. DammitJanet

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    My birthday is very close to Xmas so we dont tend to do much for me for Xmas anyway but Tony tries to do something nice for me on my birthday. I think the nicest thing he ever did was make reservations to a Japanese steakhouse that I had wanted to try forever and kept it a secret until we got there.

    I didnt have a clue.

    I also would much rather have something useful like a set of pots and pans than a necklace that I have no place to wear it to. Im a sweatpants and jeans girl. Last Xmas I begged for pots and pans. Jamie got me a small starter set and I may add to them this year with some Xmas money I got from my dad. I was thrilled to tears with that present. I tossed out all my old, used pans right in front of him!

    Now I want a jar opener...lol.
  16. hearts and roses

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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: totoro</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I'll have you know that one of my all time favorite gifts from him is my Rice cooker!!! I just didn't think that sounded so romantic... I use it a couple times a week... I love it. </div></div>

    I am so excited because I think easy child got me a rice cooker - I have wanted one for YEARS! I kept asking H, and this year easy child said, "Mom, don't even bother H with that one - I get it." wink, wink. VERY excited.
  17. 1905

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    Janet I think you should point out to Tony all the jewlery and gifts he never had to get for you. You didn't ever want anything, and now you do. He owes you for them. (Do you think he will go in for that line of reasoning?)

    My husband never got me anything special, one year I got a pack of m&m's and a bag of sponges. LOL! I don't really need anything. But for my last birthday, husband bought me a very, very nice gift card to the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa! I used it to buy a series of 12 manicures, you can spend all day there using the amenities when you have a sevice. Now I have 12 spa days!

    I'm using #3 on Sunday!-Alyssa (I'm bringing a book, going from hot tub, to sauna to steam room and back to hot tub etc... )
  18. flutterbee

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    Well, I've never really gotten anything special. One year, my ex got himself a car on my birthday. And one year my ex got me several, cheesy valentines gifts that were supposed to be from easy child - but this was AFTER we were divorced, he was remarried and their baby was only 10 days old. Uh-huh.

    But, if anyone asks:

    a 2-3ct, cushion cut, padparadscha sapphire with the 50/50 color blend - not too pink, not too orange - the nice salmon color; in a bridge mounting with 3 rows (totaling 1ct) of princess cut, invisibly set, VS diamonds underneath. Oh, and 18k white gold. But, in a pinch, platinum would work, too.
  19. busywend

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    My favorites are actually knives and pans!

    I had never had a good set or new set of either until boyfriend got them for me for Xmas.
    Every V day I get roses at work! Awwww!

    And for a few years in a row now for birthday I get a gift card to a massage place. Which I love!

    And of course my diamond earrings are a favorite gift!

    This August for no reason he gave me a pair of gold earrings - what a cutie!

  20. Wiped Out

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    Don't laugh now. My favorite gift husband gave me was for my 40th birthday. The Michigan Wolverines run a one day training camp type of thing as a fundraiser for cancer research. It was the coolest thing. We got to listen to the coach and meet with the players in small groups. We scrimmaged and I even kicked a field goal! It was such a cool gift!