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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by PatriotsGirl, Sep 6, 2010.

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    difficult child had court on Friday morning and I couldn't get her to wake up and get in the shower. I was so annoyed! She had been so lazy all week!!! We get to court, and she is snuggled up to me sleeping the whole time. I KNEW something was wrong. So, I took her to the medication center (after her doctor blew it off AGAIN the day before). I told them something is not right, her vision was not right and she was way more tired than should be normal. They ran tests and it literally took them a couple of minutes to determine the bacterial infection was in her bloodstream, sinuses and urinary tract. Mommy instincts are best. They put her on the antibiotics that are used for MRSA staph infection and it is working!! She told me yesterday that her vision is getting better. :)
    About her doctor - hmmm, I should sue the pants off him! This is the second time he has blown us off and the second time that it was something very serious. The only usefulness he provided was by telling me that my daughter has a condition called Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Duh. Really?? He noticed the huge change in her demeanor, though and I told him we started on prozac again. He told me she definitely needs to be on medications. Duh. Really?
    Anyway, she has been back on prozac for almost a week now and the difference is AMAZING!!!! Hostility is just gone. Her facial expression is normal - she is smiling all the time now instead of scowling. THIS is my girl :)
    Oh, and the judge backed me up!!! She has been testing clean for drugs (I do believe she even quit smoking!!!!! I dare not bring it up, but she hasn't smelled like cigs in a while and she has not been going outside), but if she tests dirty, mandatory rehab program. :)

    Happy Labor Day weekend!!
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    I'm glad to hear she is doing so well on the Prozac. I'm sorry she has been so sick. I think it's time for a new doctor! Hugs.
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    I'm not sure you should waste your time trying to sue a doctor for "blowing you off"....but you definitely need to find a new doctor! (Remember, 50% of ALL doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class!)

    So glad to hear she is doing better...