Feeling really anxious after daughter said school tested her today

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Buglover, Mar 14, 2012.

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    OK so I yanked her from the elitist "10" Blue Ribbon school. Yesterday was her first day at the "down the street 8 school". When I picked her up both yesterday and today she told me what awesome days she had. I have never felt so happy, listening to her describe the curriculum as easy, too easy, etc. I knew the "10" school was over the top as far as difficulty, so I was so thrilled and my fingers have been crossed so hard they are probably going to snap off. Then today she said the classs watched a movie while she got "tested for math". I just felt completely sick and anxious and worried, I know I am always hoping she is "normal" but I have seen so many weird things from her my heart is weary. I WANT HER TO BE OK! I don't want her to struggle through school and I am so upset I can't even explain it any more. My heart is on the ground and everything else. I want my daughter to be ok, I want the last school to have been the problem, I don't want HER to be struggling because of nervous system disorders or whatever. And now I am just sick worrying about these tests. daughter said most of it was way too hard for 1st grade, Im just wondering what that means. Dont they even have to warn you when they will be doing an evaluation of some sort?
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    It's a bit of a catch-22, of course. Schools are notoriously difficult to get to DO testing, sometimes... but when THEY decide? It just happens.

    My guess is that they just want to get a handle on where she is at in the school year, given that their approach will be significantly different than the other school.

    And achievement testing... doesn't test to grade level. It tests "until the student is getting X% wrong"... which may be several grades up the scale, especially if the student is doing well.
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    Yes, I know, they need to know where she is at. I just felt completely sick when she said they tested her. Is this something I should just get used to?
    By the way you were exactly right when you said physical pain was linked to emotional pain, my husband and I hav both noticed we get backaches when stress gets high.
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    Academic testing in the course of switching schools... I'd think is normal. (somebody else will probably be along tomorrow or something... who knows more about the US system).

    Psychological testing (for things like Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), ADHD, etc.), testing for LDs, etc. - I "think" they have to get your permission first.
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    I wouldn't worry about that. They will probably do several curriculum tests on her.

    1. She is new and they want to find out what she already knows.

    2. Chances are that the testing is a regular part of their year. Kids in our school (all kid-gifted, regular, and Special Education) take curriculum assessments 3 times per year and 1-2 major assessment tests each year as well.

    They cannot test her for "specialness" without your consent. These tests were NOT because they thought anything was wrong.
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    You seem very anxious. Have you spoken to your doctor? I know when I get that anxious I need help letting go of the fear.

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    I agree with JJJ, it is most likely they were simply reading level, math level type of testing that they do to see where she is for class grouping and to see if they would need to support her in this change.

    It is illegal to do any special education testing without your consent. (the only time that happens is after a long battle and you would KNOW about it, believe it or not there are times when parents dont want special help and refuse testing of a child that the school knows they are not helping and can't help without specialists, not hte usual situation on this kind of a board).

    So, if she is showing delays at this point they may chalk it up to a the school situation too and maybe offer reading recovery, or similar math supports because most kids start off with non Special Education supports to help them catch up if there is not an obvious disability (Down's syndrome etc... you know what I mean).

    I DO understand the fear though. You do know there are issues she struggles with and even if she is typically able, her challenges may be too much to overcome at some point so you do want to be prepared, just in case she needs support along the way. This can happen often between grades 3-5 and again in middle school because the levels of communication, independence, language dramatically increase and change.

    For now, the trauma of the other school is going to make your heart flutter every time you hear something is going on. It will take a while. and by the way of course everything is going to seem easy to her right now....consider what she was being pushed to do in the other place??? It will likely quickly even out. Maybe they noticed that it was easy for her too and think she needs a higher reading or math group??? you just never know.

    But you can call and ask.... Just say to the teacher that you heard there was some assessment done and you would love to know how things are going, etc. Sets the stage for some good communication as the year goes on and into next year.

    Hang in there....let us know what you find out. HUGS
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    When difficult child 1 switched schools, their curriculum was so different they gave him a test in Math to figure out where in their curriculum to start him. That was all. They didn't have to tell me about it because it wasn't testing for any kind of services. Since your daughter is changing schools mid-year, this is more than likely what they were doing. If the 10 school was over the top, the 8 school needs to know what she already knows. Does that make sense?
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    Yeah you guys are right, I called and asked them to let me know how she did and they will call me back later. Sorry for the false alarm! I do start my own Sensory Processing Disorder treatment today so maybe I will be less stressed once I start that.