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    Hello All...I don't post often enough because it seems when I find the time, I am too overwhelmed and tired to type anything, but today I have a question. difficult child#3 is having some trouble at school with frustration and hitting other kids. His teacher uses visual cues with him and it seems to work well. I am looking for something similar to use at home and I was thinking of a feelings chart. Does anyone know of any sites where they have a feelings chart that I can doanload and print to use at home?

    difficult child#1 is doing awesome! Her progress report came home yesterday and so far this year, she has 6 A's and 1 B. I am very proud of her. Her cooperation and attitude towards the family is remarkable. Of course, she is 16 so we have those normal teen issues but NOTHING like what we were dealing with a year ago. I feel like I have a new daughter and for the first time in so so many years, we talk and have fun!

    difficult child#2 is doing ok. He is doing ok in school but his sweetness seems to be dwindling. I think he is pulling away from me in a natural way but I see it as becoming distant.

    husband has been laid off but doing ok. He started drinking again and didn't make his 2 yr. sober mark. We talk about it often and I recently brought it up in our couples session. I just see it as his issue and although I will support him and be there for him, I can't dwell too much on it. This morning he took the boys to Family Fishing Day at a local pond. difficult child#1 is still sleeping and I just wanted to type a bit here before I start the mega loads of laundry.

    Hope you all have a peaceful and enjoyable weekend.
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    I do not know anything about a feelings chart. Never even heard of one. I hope someone finds something so I know what it is.

    Thanks for the update. Sounds like difficult child 1 did not like foster care too much? I think mine should go just to appreciate her parents more.

    Sorry about husband - that must be disappointing. But, I think you are right. It is his issue to deal with. Hopefully, it will not affect you too much though.
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    See if this helps.
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    difficult child's second grade class used something like a feelings chart. They had popsicle sticks with different faces drawn on them...smiley face, frowning face, crying face, angry face, etc....and when they got to class every morning they could pick the appropriate stick and put it in their little pocket that was hanging up. As their mood changed throughout the day, they could change their sticks.
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    Wonderful website! I have to say that would be a good website to post in the General forum all by its self to let other know of it!

    Thanks again!