Feingold Diet- to all who have done it, just started it-questions please :P

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    I know I started an ADHD diet before ( didn't work - I did something wrong or not long enough?) even tho my son has not been diagnosed yet ( Wed another dr appointment I pray we get help this time) another member here just mentioned this diet in another post- but I have a few questions-( didnt know if this went here or watercooler)

    I have slipped a few times the last couple weeks with the types of foods/ drinks aloud ( gave OJ, he had caffiene free root beer, tv dinner, sprite didnt realize the stuff in oj) but he also ate jello thinking I wouldn't find out but now Im trying even harder. I know its done in steps but sadly with my son, he wouldn't be able to handle it that way. I told him we will cut it all out, and slowly add an item back after hes been on it a few weeks, he wasn't happy but agreed. I know its harsh but he will argue even worse every step as he did before. So hes actually doing a lil better this time dealing with it. ( Still no improvement yet- maybe once he has stayed solid on it.

    I am trying to really understand the labels and have multiple web sites and other people discussing best food, eliminated foods, etc but to be more exact- Ketchup, mustard, ranch dressing, mayo what about those? I have been reading the gluten-free, casein-free diet list of approved foods here on this website from 2001, can I use this as a guideline as well?

    Well, same ol here, can be happy, play nice, play rough and hit poke etc and then there's angry! Im writing it all down and trying to record all "three" moods as I call em. Can ADD/ADHD have the violence? Oh my plan is ( yes Im telling the Dr MY PLAN ) is Sleep testing, Neuropsch evaluation from specialist, behavior therapy whether or not he ever gets diagnosed with anything, Tutor to help him ( we can/do help him but maybe on outsider help concentration more), and this Adhd diet. This diet will be helpful to us all.

    Lastly, I think some sports or Cub Scouts ( even with his germ issues that he may have- but I think its attention thing cuz he doesnt say it much anymore- he slips up and carries on like normal :) My dad and Grandpa say no because he wont do his work and thats the cause, and no because violent tantrums hes but sooooooooo active even when hes been going and going inside- wii dance constantly( hours off and on all day) and yard, scooters etc! And no, he didnt have the drinks before this! My dad really physically cant handle my son being this way ( his last heart valve is tearing, other two are calcified together and half heart because of the strokes has been ruined- having chest pains-high blood pressure too among other issues and kids are fighting worse. My daughter is done with my sons issues and just gives in to constant fighting back with him :(

    Sorry soooo long and repetitive once again!
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    I think I'm the one who posted our experiences? We have been using Feingold for 3 months now, we are also gluten-free, casein-free but that's not a part of Feingold. Some people need to do bpth Feingold and gluten-free, casein-free, others are successful with one or the other (and some I'm sure aren't helped by either but the Feingold facebook groups I'm now on are compelling with the experiences of how many people are being helped - kids and adults)

    One thing that I've learned, and experienced Feingolders are adamant about it, is that to know if it is going to help or not you have to remove all potential offenders. I started with just additives at home, we still ate out and we still ate fruits and vegetables that are high in salicylates, and I didn't see any change. It's called a diet, but it includes personal care products that touch the skin or create fumes as well. It can sound SO intimidating...but I took it a step at a time and it wasn't too bad.

    We've been on Feingold for three months now and I have a new child. She has had struggles since she was very little with sensory processing disorder (SPD) and a very high need for movement (which was helped to a degree by gluten-free, casein-free) but she was increasingly becoming violent and as she got bigger it was getting harder to control her and harder to feel safe. Her rages were frequent, at least several times a week, and I was becoming unwilling to take her anywhere because if I needed to say "no" she could react with hitting, kicking and running away from me regardless of where we were. I could see her eyes change and she would intentionally try to hurt me, even though at other times she could be a loving child. Even days without a full rage were exhausting because so many things were a battle. If she was going to get a bath I would need to start several hours in advance to get her used to the idea; shopping was becoming impossible and most mornings the first thing she said was "I'm not going to school."

    It took us a month to get fully on Feingold. I needed to buy new personal care products and get used to cooking new recipes and finding new products. Once we were 100% I saw small changes pretty quickly, but it took 2 months to get to consistently positive results. Part of the process is that once you have consistent results you start reintroducing the fruits and vegetables you've excluded...so far we've tried two and they have been disasters! I would never have believed that organic grapes could cause raging, hitting and screaming - but for my daughter, they do.

    It's a lot of work cooking everything, but I have so much more energy now that every day isn't a battlefield that I have the time to do it. Everything is just so much easier....
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    My dauaghter had a very kindhearted autistic child in her class who is very bright but would have once-in-a-while bad meltdowns. He was also high energy. I talked to his father, who was raising him, about many things and he either put his son in solitary sports, like swimming, or went with him to things like Cub Scouts so that he'd be there to put a hold on him if he got violent around other kids. He even attended birthday parties with his son, the few he was invited to (including my daughters). You may want to try either of those. The sad truth is, if a child gets violent around other kids, the other parents will complain, as they did with this boy, and the child will be removed from the activity because others can get hurt.

    This is a nice boy, who is now a senior in high school. He didn't lose it that often, but when he did, he really lost it and once he put his hands around a teacher's neck. The father had refused special education for his son because he was so bright. Well, now the child is in an alternative school for teens with behavior problems, although that really isn't appropriate for him. If your son gets violent it isn't fair to send him around other children UNLESS YOU GO WITH HIM. I think this boy I just talked about would have done great if he had been in a special class. I think we can not throw them into situations we know, in our hearts, that they can't handle UNLESS WE GO WITH!!!!!

    Your child will probably fail at a team sport. I think swimming is awesome for certain differently wired kids. When my son was still "iffy" in a crowd, I had him on the YMCA swim team and it really burned off energy! My son learned to tolerate high stimuli without having a panic attack by starting out slow----swimming, a small classroom half the day, etc. and learned tolerance slowly. He is now an adult (20) and is still different, but much less so. Most importantly, he is happy and is in a bowling league (he used to be unable to tolerate the noise of fireworks and now he is in a bowling ally). He also plays softball and is a good team player.

    For us, the key was not being afraid to admit our child needed to do things differently and slow exposure. We did not put him into situations we knew he could not handle until he could handle it. Of course, all kids are different and you know your child (and I don't). But I find it ironic that this very bright autistic boy, who is far ahead of my son academically, did so much worse in life than my son is doing. Again, though, you will have all of our support regardless of how you handle your son. We know our kids the best :)

    I am sorry I can't help you with the diet. I do know I tried it myself for me years ago and I did not feel any difference so I have never tried any diets on my son. But I"m sure it does help some people!!!! Hope you get good help from other posters regarding this.

    Keep us updated.
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    We did not do the official diet but we did eliminate all artificial colors, dyes and additives. It was helpful but not a miracle answer. Regarding activities we found bowling to be the most effective team sport ... because, of course, it is not done as a team but rather individuals taking turns while in a common location. Later we tried cross country running but that was not as beneficial. Good luck. Some parents had good results going gluten free. Fingers crossed for you. DDD
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    gwend1, yes I was referring to you :) I didnt think of the other stuff just food! I will look into that thank you :) Oh I understand about that "no" at the store and that :look" my son is the same way- so most of the time I sent my ill father to the store because he cant handle my son anymore, or would wait until friends came over etc. Now they are in school, I go. My son now wants to dial 911 for everything ughh. My mouth dropped when you said organic grapes caused the rages! I guess its all about trying it out.

    MidwestMom, ok you confirmed what I felt! He does have a cub scout meeting- his first one tonight at 7pm so hopefully he will feel comfortable :) He was in Mini sports since he was in PreK I think-K maybe? My mind is blah. So he loved it ( not basketball he didnt want to) and he was fine with the other kids. Now the Leagues actually keep score, so your right I don't know how he would handle losing! I know he gets upset cuz my daughters class almost always wins the Box top contest ( I give them the same number of tops). Hmm swimming I tried and after two weeks, had to take it over, by the third week he refused to go and was to busy saying how pretty his swim instructor was! :flirtysmile3:hehe. He would "melt" in her arms :/. Yes I agree, we do always go with him and my daughter to their activities. So far he has never had a violent issue with other kids there. Thank you for sharing with me because it gives me hope on activities as well as maybe special classes if needed, if I switch schools. (No plan yet tho). I also understand diet doesnt work for all :) Glad to hear about your son doing well

    DDD, thank you as well! Im glad it helped taking out the dyes,additives and colors. Even a little would be a blessing for him and me! Bowling, thats what MidwestMom said her son likes now. Hmmm, I know my son loves SkiBall at the Pizza Places so I will look into that as well as swimming again. Im going to talk to him and see what he thinks as well. He also wants wants Karate, bad or good idea for violent kids? Im worried!

    I will be back Wed night with my good news(hope good news) from his pediatrician! I am going to show the videos whether he (dr)wants me to or not of him kicking the doors , screaming-its only a few seconds but I erased all the old ones that were longer. My old phone I barely charged with no old vids just the secs. I know my son will get mad about it, and hopefully the Dr will see more. Im only going to show the Dr infront of my son if the Dr requests it. Otherwise, without my son in the room
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    I'll be watching this thread. I'd love to know if there is a significant percentage of people that have had true success with-the Feingold diet. I'd love to try it, but honestly, have not had the energy to do what needs to be done to get it going. I will say that I am extremely health conscious and try not to bring anything into the house with-any artificial anything, do a lot of organic, etc... but outside the house is a different story. I've always been this way, and my kids have always been the way they are, so clearly the steps I've taken so far have had no impact. Maybe you have to be full on 100% all the time faithful to the protocol to see results. **sigh**
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    My pediatrician just started Feingold this week for her girls after seeing the changes in my daughter. I'll come back and let you know if she sees positive results.
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    so glad that you are "telling" the dr your plan. You GO, Warrior Mom! Assertiveness works in the dr's ofc.
    We sort of use the Feingold diet. In fact, I just bought a 72% chocolate Ghiradelli bar instead of any other kind, because it's on the Feingold list. :)
    See, you don't have to give up everything!
    And by "sort of," I mean that for my son, who is once again on lithium, it is more important that he get fluids, than he stay off of food dyes, so I buy him G2m, light blue. He reacts horribly to red, and sort of reacts to yellow and orange.
    Also, I home cook most of our meals.
    I love the idea that "if you can't understand what's on the label," don't buy it. Just makes life easier.
    I have not signed up and paid for a membership to get the printed list, but someday I will. :)
    I have to say, after my first Feingold lecture, I totally gave up M&Ms, my favorite. I was scared to death, to scared even to mourn the loss much. It is a common sense diet.
    Also, I have found that when most people are hungry enough, they'll eat anything, especially if it's left out on the table, like grapes or other fruit, or homemade bread. Just walk away and don't make a big deal out of it. :)
    Yes, we noticed behavior changes--positive changes--when we started the Feingold diet. Much less irritability. And sometimes, it shows up the next day, and can catch you off-guard. We are also gluten-free, and that really makes a difference. Even my son admits it, and he doesn't want to admit anything. :)
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    Thank you all!!!!

    gwend1, I will keep on eye on my post :)

    IT1967- its ok, I havenet been on it fully and was dispointed to but hearing others and I have to accept we will become pros at shopping and cooking! As a few have said it didnt help them but thats ok, either way its a healthy way to live :) Hang in there, we can keep encouraging each other, keep a diary whats eaten and be on lookout for substitutes! I had trouble on the bread today so I skipped it to come back home and check! Just bought soy milk, I decided to slowly switch dairy for him too.

    TerryJ2, Last night we did slip and have McDonalds and he eneded up with Dr Pepper but.. I know I cant give in and its gonna be rough but worth eat either way cuz its a healthy diet actually for all of us!!! I love my chochalte as does he and he will be happy to hear he can have that Ghiradelli bar! Thank u for the tips :) Im glad you were able to find an alternative!!! Homemade bread- I have never done but, it would be fun to try :)
    Im soooo nervous about today, now he doesnt want to go and Im telling him for flu shot if they have it( he actually loves getting shots) and we are gonna talk about getting ideas how to get him to concentrate better on his work ( the rest ill bring up when we are there) but I think he knows theres more to it. But, thank you for encouragement :) Ill be back tonight posting my good news!! I hope :p
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    Confused, I hope the doctor appointment goes well. If you are on Facebook there is a Feigold group that you might like. It will give you a chance to hear others experiences. My daughter had something she reacted to Tuesday and the next day (yesterday) I got the first note home. Her teacher didn't know her before Feingold and her note said that she wasn't listening, didn't follow directions, was all over the place - "just not herself". She didn't know that this was what she used to be like every day!
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    Thank you :) I don't have facebook but I may sign up. I was never crazy about it. Oh wow, thats amazing about your daughter and the food. I hope you can figure out what it was. Thank you for sharing, I hope Im as lucky for this diet to help- even a little!
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    Hi, I haven't been here for over a month and just remembered I had promised to update my posts on this thread. I had mentioned that after our experience with Feingold my daughter's pediatrician was trying it with her daughters. She is now a believer. Her youngest, who had been fairly easy as a toddler, had increasingly become more and more challenging (breaking things, tantrums, constant sarcasm) and has become a sweet, easy child by avoiding salicylates (as well as dyes and other additives) but for her, like us, the key really was the salicylates and personal care products because we already avoided dyes and preservatives. For her oldest she doesn't think she saw a change.

    My daughter hasn't had a fit in almost 2 months. She was previously raging at least 3 to 4 times a week (and by raging I mean breaking things, hitting me and intentionally destroying things) We can go to stores, we can go to museums, we can have fun...and not deteriorate when it's time to go or I say "no." It has absolutely been a miracle. I cook - a lot...but given that I now have a neurotypical child; it's not that bad....!! :)

    ETA: I think it would be very hard to implement this with a teen. Food and personal care products at home could be managed, but getting a difficult child on board at that age would be very challenging... :(
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    This is great news!! I am moving quickly in the direction of going full on Feingold as we try pulling back on some of the medications. I also have for the most part cut out artificial colors and dyes and flavors, but not salicylates. I'm just in the beginning phases of going 100% with it. Thanks for the update!
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    There are several groups on Facebook that I've found to be helpful. They have good ideas for making it all work, but even more important is that I constantly get to read the experiences of new people, one after another who can say "it's working!" I slowly moved into it too. I started buying approved brands to see what we liked, replaced soaps and toothpaste (pink sparkly toothpaste was not our friend) and then I jumped full in. Salicylates are huge for us...I never would have guessed. My daughter is 8 and LOVES being in control of how she feels and loves feeling good all the time. She is now so funny and smart and her brain is just working better so conversations are easier and more fun.
    Good luck! If I can help, please let me know.
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    gwend1- Thank u so much!!! Im glad to hear the great news from your Dr and you!!! I am going to have to check our toothpastes and such too, my son uses Spongebob toothpaste so I really need to check that!

    IT1967- I wish you luck! Either way, at least we will all be healthier!

    *** too bad we couldnt all go on a group shopping trip to research these items!! That would be fun and helpful with all extra eyes looking!! Good luck and great job!!!