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    I did so good on my eating and exercise routine. I was drinking water too. Then I went away for the 4th and let the routine slide, thinking when I got home I'd get right back on it. Of course we know what they say about the best laid plans and I got complacent. I haven't even stepped on the scale and I'm kind of afraid to. I don't really want to know how much I've gained. Okay, I'm going to do it right now while I'm on here so I can face up to exactly how badly I've done. BRB Okay, not so bad. I actually lost 3 pounds from what I weighed just before the 4th. So in basically 2 months of eating at least 1/2 way right and not exercising I've still lost some weight, but at this rate I'm not going to make my goal. I need to step it up.
    Yesterday I took difficult child for a physical. doctor talked to him about losing weight to help him sleep better. Of course that's not what difficult child wanted to hear. This kid sleeps to escape from life and if he sleeps better at night he can't sleep during the day to get away from it all. He also isn't real cooperative about using his CPAP because the first time he used it he couldn't take a nap because he wasn't tired. Like I said this kid sleeps to escape. doctor also chastised me for not 'compromising' with difficult child as to walking. I tried walking with difficult child, I would really like to have that time away with him every day. BUT he can't keep up with me and if I walked at his pace I'd go nuts. He doesn't walk slowly due to a disability. He walks slowly because he's LAZY.
    How can I motivate a lazy teen to get off his butt and walk with me when I haven't been motivated myself lately? Any ideas?
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    -If I had an idea for motivating a lazy teen, I'd be a millionaire! And I'm talking about easy child kids. My kids had me sign them up for the gym I go to, and then they never went!!!! They had not a thing to do all summer.

    I have a suggestion for you though- don't get on the scale. Wait until you get back into your routine, and start feeling that you're making progress. It will be easier to handle how much more work you have to do, knowing that you've begun. This is exactly where I'm at. I went on vacation, and didn't work out for 10 days. I go to the gym twice a day, so this is huge guilt. I made up for some of the missed work-outs, but not all. I feel like a giant BEAST. But you've actually LOST weight!!!!!! Good, we have to live our lives, and enjoy ourselves. Focus on the fact you've lost and just keep going, you're back in the routine
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    Glad you actually lost some weight!! Maybe start by adding back in the healthy stuff one at a time, start with going back to drinking the water. I really do think the water is huge.

    Motivating a teen-yikes that is a tough one. by the way, my difficult child isn't wanting to use his cpap machine either but not for the same reasons. It's a pain though, isn't it?

    I know you will get to your goal, you're writing here, you want to do it and I know you can. Hugs.
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    Thank you girls. I will do it. Step one-tonight I don't stay up till 2 watching Big Brother After Dark, get a decent nights sleep and get up in the morning refreshed.
    Wiped Out- yes it's just so much fun. NOT I'm afraid his going to wind up dying because he won't use a stupid machine, that he's said he doesn't really mind using, but it won't let him nap.
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    IMF hang in there. I'm glad you are back with us, we need you. My therapist said I'm to change the word "lazy" as it pertains to manster with "unmotivated" :)