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  1. Dixies_fire

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    Do you have any helpful articles books or things to say or contribute about female asperger's?

    I've been looking into it for months and there seems to be very limited source material, I've read the same three or four articles restated over and over again.

    But anyway from what I've read it sounds like tk, almost to a t. It also sounds like me and my mother. So I'm interested in not just the child asperger's articles but the adult ones too, support groups whatever.
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    Half the population (us females) are very underrepresented in the current Aspie diagnosis and definition. There's lots of reasons for that, but... it doesn't mean we aren't out there.

    I'm still looking for good sources too...
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    Sounds just like me too. I'll bet a lot of our "different" daughters have forms of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).
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    My friend has a son with autism and just recently had another baby, the chances that her new baby who is also male is 20% percent higher because of having a sibling with it, I can only wonder what The correlation from parent to child is. Also schizophrenic parents have a higher average of producing a schizophrenic child.
    The asperger's sounds like me and my mom but in different ways and there again tk sounds that way in yet different ways than either of us.
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    The Autism Spectrum is... huge. If you know one person with Asperger's, then you know ONE person with Asperger's. There is such a wide range of possibilities.